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There is only one good thing throughout all of 2017....That is a POSITIVE WORLD MARKET GROWTH.... China will do better this year then in several years prior. India, and Europe will also fair very well. But, OIL and GOLD will be arm wrestling with each other.  A major, massive spike in Gold is foreseen, but oil prices may cause great weakness in its foundations. ..........Late tonight I sat in dead quiet in my hot tub, and I saw three visions of the near furture.............. I am shown a giant, super sunspot. It is very, very massive, perhaps the largest ever known. As I look forward at the sun, in the vision I see the giant sunspot as a large, black mass on the lower half , or bottom half of the suns equador.. As I look at the sun directly, the sunspot appears on my right hand side. The giant sunspot will greatly affect life on earth. In early 2017 it will increase bacteria diseases greatly. Many cruise ships will be infected, as livestock will also be infected. Unheard of , massive food recalls of meats, and salads throughout 2017, beginning a couple weeks upon the arrival of the sunspot. /////////// I was also shown a vision of a giant, massive, suddenly exploding fountain of fire and lava. It will spring suddenly, unexpectedly out of an ocean. Its SOLAR WING will spray miles into the sky. It will create a new island. /////////// As for oil, when I asked the Great Spirit visiting me in my bathroom, rub of hot water, in deep silence in the late night. I was shown a giant hand like that of God. But the hand was like deep gray, and caked with cracks like the bottom of a dried up lake of mud, baking in the hot sun. The giant hand had a giant knife. The knife looked like a giant, black obsidian, glass. It looked like an ancient, weapon curved out ruffly. I saw the giant knife, lead by the giant hand, cut a deep hole into the giant desert of dunes. I saw a giant , black pool of oil spin, and fall into a vortex, a horrible whirlpool of loss. Then I saw another desert far away, and a tsunami of black crude oil, thick and dark spilling over the desert. /////////  2017 will play host to the highest summer of SUPER, SUPER Hurricanes, Cyclones, and Typhoons EVER..... The Florida PanHandle will be hit especially hard this year.. /////// There will be at least three,..8.7 to 9.1 shallow earthquakes in the oceans, causing at least three worldwide Tsunmai warnings. ////// Strong earthquakes in Europe, specially Italy and Greece, Mediterranean.  They will expericnec new volcanic activities and earthquakes. ///////  A near CUBAN MISSILE CRISIS will take place near the disputed waters, and islands of China. China and Russia will be more bold in their military movements. 
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