mystagogue5 (mystagogue5) wrote,

List of Successful Premonitions - DEC 10TH Blog Entry. / Solar Activity, 4 Volcanoes, Bird Flu

From early December 2016 to as late as January 22, 2017, ...TWO MASSIVE, giant coronal holes in succession have been hitting the earth with a constint, higher than usual blast of Solar Wind. On December 10th, 2016, I posted a Blog entry reguarding a series of visions I saw. In one of those visions I saw what I thought to be at the time, a giant, supernatural sized sun spot. After some time I began to feel that perhaps the giant sunspot will not appear. When this happens I get fustrated,..knowing that what I saw was a vision premonition. So I began to look up solar activity on Google. Finally I saw the image I had seen. It was not a giant sun spot as I had thought, but rather a giant "coronal hole". The monster first appeared, unknown to me, on December 2nd, 2016. I will now quote from my LiveJouranl Blog of December 10th, when I saw the visions. The blog of December 10th shows several successful premonitions concerning the powerful influence of the sun , on the earth. Because of the "sun spot" a.k.a. coronal hole, there would be a very high increase in bacteria related diseases. Since early December 2016 numerous, very massive culls of birds take place all over the world, as I will demonstrate here. The sun's affects on earth's lifeforms begins in ernest two weeks after the super giant coronal hole appears........Odiska, India, Dec 26th, fears of Bird Flu results in the cull of tens of thousand sof animals. Dec 22, 23... SouthKorea culls 30 million chickens and hens. December 26th is filled with Bird Flu culls of animals resulting in the collective slaughter of millions of birds, and livestock. Massive culls take place in Hong Kong, Iran, Germany, Japan, Croatia. Two people in China die from the Bird Flu.. A SECOND, much more larger coronal hole appears right after this one. The second coronal hole looks axactly the one I had described, including its location on the suns surface. Also in the DECEMBER 10TH, Blog I a see a volcano erupting in the ocean. On December 26th, the giant BOGOLOF Volcano on a small island in the middle of the North Pacific ocean begins a series of massive eruptions. On my DECEMBER 14th, 2016 FACEBOOK TIMELINE, I describe seeing four volcanoes erupting at the same time. On December 24th, the supervolcano of Campi Fregrei in Italy begins showing signs of awakening. As this volcano continues to gently awaken, on Dec 26th, the Bogoslof Volcano in Alaska erupts. As these two volcanoes are awakening a thrid volcano in Colima, Mexico erupts. Then the next day, two volcanoes in Peru erupt at the same time. 
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