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DREAMS: Super Gods/ Collapsing House / A Foreign Place - Three Women. / Mall Dream./ Disrupted Talk.

FIVE MAJOR DREAMS FROM JULY 5th, 2017...........A long, vivid dream of interviewng Gary Numan. It seems to start off with me and Gary in a remote controlled buggy, or very small car. It was round, and we seemed to be on an ice rink. The arena was full of people cheering as we sang one of Gary's songs. It was a dark arena. The dream skips to me walking with Gary to various rooms, and places and I am praising his works, asking him questions about his early songs. Can't remember if the ride in a large van was before, or after touring some building. Then I am shown Gary getting into one of his torcher suits, with chains, and spikes pocking at him. We seemed to be in one of his rooms of his mansion. Bright, clouded glass walls around us. They looked frosted like the bottoms of Coke'O Cola bottles.Then some how we were super beings in a massive tank of some kind of liquid. We have large play, or exercise complex's of bars to swing around in. Like a metal, childrens playground unit. I begin to feel like a pet, as Gary does. We are being observed, and studied. I feel a cage of glass suddenly incase me. I feel trapped. Then I get angry and feel I have to prove to these people who I really am. I become aware that I can blast right though the class cage. It seemed like our prisoners were trying to weaken us with delusions of weakness, and poking us with needles. I was being pushed to the limits of surrender. Then I burst forth through the class. I start flying inside, and outside the glass tank. I start flying with deliberate will, and grace. I fly to see galaxies, and nebula's. And fly back standing outside the tank. I am floating around it, in another building made of glass. I am free, I feel free, and powerful. In retrospect of writing out this dream I now recall several of Gary Numan's first album songs. /////////  Dream of me, my brother, and my mom were in an apartment condo in a complex. I wake up to storms outside. I look outside and see flames dancing above the window. Someone is talking about the dangers of how fast a fire can spread. I watch the fires spread across the ceiling, and floor, but nothing really burns. I know my mom is somewhere near, the building starts to tip over. It keeps tipping over, and the room turns upside down. My brother is with me, in front of me. The builing collapses down on us as we hit the ground, expecting all the floors above us to fall on us. We survive. We get up and brush our selves off..////////  ......The dream starts off with me coming home to my current, real life apartment after a shopping spree. I don't remember where I was shopping,, but I remember that it was a dream that lead to this one. I was unpacking the things I bought. I took out a large, golden Egyptian Anke from white wrapping paper.  The Anke warped into a different shape. The top oval ring moved to the right hand arm, and curled into a flower. Then my mom comes in and announces that she bought a brand new toilet. I am furious with her. I think it was about spending money recklessly. I am angry because my mom wants me to carry it back from the people she bought it from. I walk with my mom and everything starts to change to a being outside in some town, or city I've never been in before. I noticed the cobbel stone roads. And the London ike street lights. I knew I was somewhere far away with my mom, or in some foreign country, and city. I kept giving my mom shit all the way to our destination. We were there, we made it. I looked to see three women standing on a series of steps.The steps were as wide as the building. The women seemed to be expecting us, and greeted my mom. We go inside and I get mad at the women, shouting at them. I announce loudly that my mom was planning on buying a toilet. My mom got angry, and stormed out of the house embarrest. I gave the women shit, then went to find my mom. I wnet looking for her, suddenly taking very close attention to my surroundings. The sun had just set. I looked up at the summer trees, I realized with shock and awe that I was in fact in a foreign country, and city. I couldn't believe it. ""I'm really in a foreign city, a foreign country."" I said to myself.. I walked back to the house of the three women. They greeted me and invited me in. I said I was sorry, and they smiled, as if they had already forgiveen me before I returned. I was given a tour of the house. They were witches, into witchcraft, but mostly new, modern holistic trends, like spa's. I remember being shown their gift shop, and their public spa. //////////.   Reoccurring drearm of a mall I keep walking in a mall, I tunr to my right into a very narrow, lounge decorated hall. To my right is a series of large, tic tac like framed windows where I can see people sitting at dinning tables. I turn right again through the open door and walked past the people, and tables to turn right again into a self serve food buffet. It has a series of metal containers , steamingwith food. And class units with cold sandwich's. I look to my left and I see the room is fully open to the mall. I walk into the mall. The dream repeats itself a second time. Its all exactly the same pattern until I get t the doorway where the self serve food buffet is. This time its a large, restaurant with a few levels. Its massive, with massive, windows. The windows are wall sized. The levels of seating are a few feet of difference to each other, with a few steps to climb or descend to each. I start walking down a spiral staircase, usually quit quickly and see a large wall of Chinese paintings. A doorway with a sign over it. It 's like Toon's Kitchen, an all you can eat Chinese buffet. //////////....Dream of trying to do a talk on dreaming. I walk down into a basement full of people who have gathered to hear me speak. Sandy, a woman I knew from AA groups was there. She seems to be the only supportive person there. I sit down, and people sit around me. A couple announces they came from California. I get up to announce to everyone that I am about to start the talk. Suddenly everybody gets up and starts running away in all directions. Running into several doorways, and halls. I walk around to find everyone is hidding behind large T.V. sets. The large screens are in every room I look in. 
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