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She is known by many names throughout the world, but a few nights ago I had a dream of ISHTAR. Only early this morning , feeling comfortable that she was not a demon figure, did I feel I could share this dream with the world. As the dream points out Ishtar - Inanna is the Babylonian Goddess of love, sex, fertility, desire, war, and politics. She represents in my opinion a whole array of various kinds of dreams I have had over the past few years, and numerous premonitions concerning conflict, and politics. I have also Channeled ENKI, and the Annunaki many times.... I might have had the dream because, as I found out this morning, Ishtar is associated with Venus, the Morning Star. Two weeks ago I noticed Venus shining very bright in the sky at about 3: 20 A.M. It was massive, and I spent three more late nights gazing at its beauty. Ishtar is also associated as Inanna, Astarte, Aphrodite, and Isis. She is a resurrected Goddess, brought back to life anually with the Waters of Life. She is likened to the darker side of Persephone. I read an article about Ishtar this morning. It was a posted article on my Facebook newsfeed, and it had a photo of the image of the Goddes I had meet in the dream. It is the famous wall carving called THE BURNEY RELIEF - QUEEN OF THE NIGHT. There is some dispute as to the exact identity of the image. I am convinced based on the nature of the dream, and the number of fertility animals seen in the famous image resting at her feet, that this is ISHTAR -INANNA...............THE DREAM........  I start off spending a lot of time in a a book store, gift shop, looking at esotertic books, and Tarot Cards. There are three, middle aged women with me all the time, talking to me about things I can't remember. I am on my own suddenly looking books on a shelf. I turn my head to the right and see a clay coloured wall, and an exact replicate of the famous Burney Relief, Babylonian scupture. Except she is very alive. I can feel her presence and her power. It freightens me because she is so real looking. She is standing there, and I see her large, thick wings move a alittle bit. I see her arms uplifted exactly as the famous image, holding some kind of symbols. But my neck, and head is now paralysed. There feels like a wall pressing down on my head preventing me from seeing her face.I feel it is forbidden. I am afraid because I feel I am in the company of something very powerful. I feel I was afraid with reverence. In a kind, gentle , young, female voice, she asked me if I wanted to have sex with her. I gently said no. I know I said that under the circumstances of feeling overwelmed. I really felt she understood my choice, and would have been excepting of my choice either way. The dream was very, very vivid, surreal, and realistic. 
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