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CHANNELING The PLEIADIANS.....THE AXIOMS OF INFINITY...Dark Energy/ Dark Matter Explained.

 Over the decades I have Channeled hundreds of such Axioms. Four nights ago I was up late listening to Coast To Coast AM. I was lsitening to a quantum physics professor named Don Lincoln. His arguement for not believing in a Creator was that the universe is to complex, and intigate with order of life, that the Creator would need to be even more complex than the universe IT made. I was reading a book about INANNA at the time. I feel strongly that the Axiom that came through was from her....AXIOM A...."" The Creator is more infinite in complexity than the infinity of the created."".  I often use the words "Infinity, and Infinite" quit often. I use it often because I am shown the universe, all of space and time, moving as a single unit. I am shown how it takes the whole universe of infinite space and time to move a single part of space and time.........Other axiom's soon followed. All of them are interconnected, they add to each other......On my Facebook timeline the axioms are listed A to J.......*** AXIOM B....The created is infinite in it's complexity and therefore infinite in it's creation of order.... AXIOM C..*** The Consciousness of perceiving chaos is the order within chaos."" The concept of chaos is a self defeating oxy moron.  In order to even perceive of the concept of chaos takes the involvement of a consciousness. This is proven in Quantum Mechanics. There is no seperation between thought, and that which is perceived. Thus we have...AXIOM D..."The Consciousness to perceive chaos which is itself finite, is the infinite order of complexity."... What is known as the HIggs / Boson Field multiplies it's singularity field by volume, speed, and distance of space. Space, or Space/Time must be perceived as a dimension. The more that Space is confined into a space, like a crack between two rocks, the greater the dimension of Spatial singularity. That is that Space itself behaves like a Singularity. In Physics, the idea that Space/Time was at one point infinitesimally condensed into a Zero Point is rebuked, or not considered. In order to understand where phenomena like String Theory, Dark Matter/Energy, Quantum Entanglement come from the ZERO POINT of infinitesimal contracttion, called the Big Crunch, which took place before the Big Bang MUST BE excepted.....  The Pleiadians explain that Space is made up of a Field. A field within itself. A field likened to a revolving sequence, or Fractal [ Spiral] [Chaos] Science. AXIOM E....What we see as disorder, chaos, or messiness in the result of infinite complexities of a Revolving Sequence Field. Complexity is the consciousness of Chaos Theory. To perceive is the Order of infinite sequencies of revolving Cosmic Constant's......AXIOM 6...."Evolution is the complexity of "messiness" randomly passing through infinite cycles."... This means that every point in Space, Space/Time is in favour of order, rather than chaos. Because Space is infinite, we must say that any movement of energy within Space undergoes a process of cycles, or sequencies. Therefore....AXIOM 7...The Universe is an infinite revolution field of evolving, [ Evolving, and Evolution are described here as....processes / sequencies of Chaos energy following fields of Order. This means that what we perceive as chaos, or randomness is a sequence of energy / mass being bottle necked into a sequence of order.  In other words chaos does not exist, but rather it is an illusion of finite consciousness.] sequencies BUILDING complexities into the Order of the Cosmic Constants." There being of course several universal laws of cosmic energy / mass behavioral understanding..... AXIOM 8... The Time, as a dimension within Space is the constant of Evolving Sequencies in complexities spiraling down, [ as in energy entering a system] into centers of revolving perception.".... That the human mind is a quantum generator that by its complexity, organizes infinite wavelengths of energy into "meaning." That our brains, the complexities of molecularism, the device to preceive is within itself a delibate creation of a Universe that desires, literally will's for perception of its own Beingness. In other words, God, or Goddess, or the Universe itself, Created mankind to preceive His or Her handywork. The very design of the complexities, of the interconnected web of of the Universe makes it impossible for any other outcome other then for the development of consciousness, somewhere, anywhere in that Universe. In other words, the Universe has no mathematical choice but to create Consciousness.....AXIOM 9..."Time, as a dimension of Space is always symmetrical: sometimes stretched, sometimes shrunk, sometimes twisted. Space, a dimension of Space is always asymmetrical: it is always invisible to Time. Space hides behind Time like distance between Mass hides behind Energy..... AXIOM J...."Dark Matter / Energy , quantum entanglement, and all phenomena there related is the result of the Zero Point." This is the infinitesimal contraction of all the Space and Time energy Mass of the Universe within an infinitesimal point. When Space, Time, Matter and Energy expand or contract, it takes this Singulary Field with it. The more SpaceTime, Mass Energy expands, the greater the amount of Singularity Field. It is all like an elastic band being stretched. Except the elastic band builds in condensation with Distance, Speed [V], and mass. You could imagine these Elastic Bands of Singularity Field as Wormholes, connecting all atoms and molecules together in Quantum Entanglement, and String Theory.... AXIOM K....."Singularities of the Zero Point expand [ appear to grow ] with V, or Speed, volume, and distance."....And finally.....  AXIOM 12......"Space is filled with the Elasticity  of Spatial Singularity."
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