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WHERE DOES EVIL COME FROM? Channeling The Elohim Metatron( 72 Angels).

More than once, Jehovah has proclaimed Himself the Creator of all that is Good, and All that is Evil. Isaiah 45: 7 is one example. But its not what you might think. It does make perfect sense , since it was God who created the Tree of the Knowledge of Good And Evil. As I have been reading a book about the kabbalah, I have been receiving Guidance from a powerful Source, The Elohim of Metatron. This is the Essence of the 72 Holy Names of God. The following work is inspired by the book THE POWER OF KABBALAH, by Yehuda Berg. There will be additions added to this Channeling in the future, as this is only an introduction to a philosophy I Channeled quit a few years ago. I only now feel that I can share some answers I received to the public. The following is unorthodox to traditional Kabbalah. It is an advanced understanding for those who are Initiated into the studies of the Occult. Most people unfamiliar with the Kabbalah, and other forms of Mystical study will find the concepts difficult to grasp. I have placed many words in high caps to point out places of inspiration from the book THE POWER OF KABBALAH.......//////......... ""The Adverse Shadow of the Sefiroth does not have malevolence.. That was created by the DESIRE to know Good, and Evil..... For there were two mighty Trees in Eden. The Tree currently known , and understood as the Sefiroth, is NOT the Tree of Life. It is the Tree of the Knowledge of Good, and Evil. This you must remember throughout this introduction, it is the core of our teaching. And it is only known to a few. The Tree of Life is completely unknown to you. You will not come to know it until the current Sefiroth Tree of Knowledge has run it's ENERGY..... Current science, in these days of tribulation are again returning to the ancient knowledge of the infinite processes leading to and from the infinitesimal point of Absulte Nothingness. The processes of this infinitesimal contraction is one of the Creation, which was itself, DESIRE. The desire of all things to manifest itself...... The ENERGY / energies of the Sefiroth Tree of Knowledge is to SHARE, IMPART, GIVE of itself by means of polarities, and dualities. This is the Essential Nature of the Tree of Knowledge. All such Knowledge is passed through human experience as "Spiritual Beings having human experiences."..... The Creation of the Universe is perfectly splintered into infinite shards of Light, and Darkness.  The Tree of Knowledge, the Sefiroth, has a Shadow. This shadow is the averse emantions of the Tree. All these averse emanations must come to pass, just as all the emanations of the ten Sefirah. And they shall all pass through mankind, since it is the will of the VESSEL ( Finite google collective of Souls ) to partake of the Knoweldge of Good and Evil....Humankind is the field of the black and white checker board. The ENERGY of the Tree of Knowledge is infinite FULFILLMENT of all that is Good, and all that is "finite" (limited) evil. That through mankind the whole of the ENERGY of the Tree of Knowledge Sefiroth will be exhausted. Mankind is the VESSEL of the standing Sefiroth, and its Shadow. For it was in the process of the infinite-infinitesimal contraction ( DESIRE to create again ) ( Since there have been numerous universes before this one ), that the Sefiroth was made, seeded. [ Unchanneled NOTE : See Power of Kabbalah starting at page 75. The Hindu's and the Buddhists call this creation from Nothingness, the BINDU. The Kabbalah, unlike the other Religions, speaks of the original source as a Light. But this is no ordinary light. It should be understood a purely occult, or hidden element filled with infinite Spiritual potential.]....... Even the manifestation of Evil is an energy of FULFILLMENT, PLEASURE, PASSION, and ACCOMPLISHMENT to the one, or many who choose to create it... Often this is the only reason behind the commiting of the most evil of actions......All that is Good ENERGY is Conscious to all parties. All that is Evil ENERGY [ Mankinds DESIRE to know Knowledge ] is purely UNCONSCIOUS to all parties. This is a very important element to focus on.  The processes of producing evil,  as with Good, is a process that began at the Beginning of "First Sin". This process which began as an infinite series of Agreements or Contracts by each Soul of the VESSEL is one of CONSENT. The CONSENTMENT to experience Evil began before any of the parties are ever born. Endless choices by all Souls going back to the first humans is the FIRST CAUSE of all EFFECTS of Good and Evil. This is NEVER about conscious consent at any time, or any place, under any circumstances. The expressions of good and evil are always of an ENERGY that is purely neutral, and blind to human choice.... The finite google of Souls, the VESSEL began when the infinitesimal Light fractured, upon infinite-infinitiesimal contraction, into a finite number of cracks, in a supernova, a BIG BANG....Everything, and all expressions ""except"" evil, will return to this infinitesimal point....Because evil is RESISTANCE to Light..... The Emanations of Evil in mankind will continue until all RESISTANCE is exhausted from the Tree of Knowledge."".... Much more on this at another time.
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