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DREAM DIARY..Being Hunted / B+E with Bro. / Danielle's new boyfriend./ In the psycheward again.

Dreamt of seeing something like a Nickelback concert, and meeting an evil man who wanted to kill me.I was watching a concert, it was night. I was standing in acrowd of people watching large screens of the concert. When all of a sudden a tall man with blond curly hair deliberately stood in my way. I moved aside, and he again stood in my way. He looked back and smiled at me. Later I was trying hard to escape the crowds of people who would be marching toward the exit doors. I could feel the rush of people, and I managed to escape through a side door. I was walking home at night, when cars I felt were people who were after me were searching the streets for me. I tried to hide, but they quickly cornered me. Before I knew it was in someone's house. I had been kidnapped. There were about four guys in leather jackets, biker type people. One of them had simpathy for me as I spoke to him saying, "You don't have to listen to him. You don't have to do this."  The tall man with blond, curly hair was their leader. He was busy pouring bags of spices on me. He was wanting to cook me, but chop me up into pieces first. I grabbed a handfull of the spice and through it in his eyes. He was blinded. One f the evil man's partners helped me escape by guiding me through the back door. He told me to keep running straight. I was now running through a huge backyard of many trees, and brush. But the evil blond haired man caught up to me. I can't remember how I esacped from him again but I remember jumping into a strong current of a river.He never found me again... .....Dreamt last night of planning a major break and enter with my brother..Me, and his friends were planning on breaking into some house on a hill. Dave was moving acros the border, so he had to sell a lot of his stuff.So we were at a pawn shop. My brother sold all his records to a guy, owner of the shop he knew well. Then it jumps around. I am placing all my best writings into a box. I give Dave the box to place into the car we had rented with his friends. Somehow later on when we were on the other side of the border, Dave told me he forgot my box. I got mad at him. Then he found the box, and I had my writings. There was still a lot of talk about robbing a famous house on a famous hill, isolated on a famous, sacred land. I've had this part of the dream before resently. In the dream my brother and others are planning a major huist of a large, old famous house on a famous , ancient hill. The house is like a giant lighthouse. It has many upper floors. It is isolated ina region far from the city outer limits.  ............ Dreamt of an Elementary school mate Danielle C. She was trying to have a supper date with  a man. We were all in the same room. She was ignoring me. The man she was courting was aware of my presence as well. I sat behind them and listened to them talk. This was all about a new relationship starting between them, a budding new love. Then I saw someone place a red silk table cloth on the long table they were sitting at............Dreamt of being in a psyche ward. I dreamt I had gone insane. I wasn't able to communicate with people properly. In this dream I was talking with several nurses. New nurses, and older ones. One nurse brought me to a kitchen and tryied to show me some trick with a garbage bag. But I don't remember what that was. The dream was all about nurses asking me questions, and I could not understand them. I could not answer them properly. I kept going off topic completely. It was summer, I was sitting outside on a chair, watching all the crazy people running around, playing like children. I was hopping no one beyond the wire fence could see me. I've had several dreams of being in a psyche ward before. Maybe I am dreaming of my fate? How I wll die. Maybe I will die in a psyche ward, having contracted Dimentia, or {{{{  Al
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