On the 31st of May I woke up from a vivid dream. I wrote the dream down. But only now have felt I have the patience , and the time to record it.  In the dream I awake in bed. It's not my own. I am covered in sheets, and I see a large window with lite, soft white drapes. I hear cheering crowds outside. People singing national anthems. I got up, and got dressed. As I was looking out the window my mom knocked and came into the room, standing at the door. She asked what all the commotion was about. She wondered if it was some kind of fire drill. I said no and explained it was some kind of day of world wide celebrations. I looked out the patio, bedroom window and saw that we were in an apartment complex at the very edge of town, overlooking farmers fields. I saw a group of young men, five or six rows of ten, dressed in white, church garbs, like a choir. They were militant, yelling back what their sergeant told them to repeat. I saw some red on their garments and I thought of the Knights Templar. I walked down a lengthy hallway to the living room. Without noticing anything I looked out the front main patio window. I saw hundreds of people celebrating a large festival, a carnival. I watched some fireworks. My mom was sitting on the floor next to the T.V., by the couch. Some lady was sitting on the couch but I didn't quit see who it was. Kids were also sitting in front of the T.V., and on the T.V. was something that looked like a coronation of a great king. I saw Greek, or Roman styled terraces, it was summer. It looked like Greece or Rome. Priestly people everywhere.  I thought in my mind, "it looks like Barcelona". On the screen was a Knights Templar flag. Then I looked to see a large hardcover book in the lap of one of the children.  The book was all white with a Knights Templar , red cross. I sat down on the couch, and looked to my right. It was my Aunt Janice. My Aunt is my mother's, brother's wife. She explained it was a global celebration of the Stewarts who won against some other family name I can't remember. BuT I know I heard the name "Stewarts" for certain.   


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