Reoccurring Dreams: Another Childhood Neighborhood Porthole.

Not sure if I have already spoken of this in other logs, but I used to dream a lot of my old neighborhood where I grew up. All of Riversdale is under a super restructuring. Hundreds of high rise apartment complex's are being constructed. The whole neighborhood I grew up in is gone.  All the high rise building are hollowed skeletons with large cranes everywhere. Numerous levels of underground cement parking lots are being built. The parking lots are jammed pack with wires, re-barb. I sometimes travel through the neighborhood with great caution. The dreams change for partially completed, new neighborhoods with lots of walk ways, walk way bridges crossing artificial lakes. Sometimes the whole neighborhood is completed, and then suddenly I feel I am far away in the North East corner of the city, opposite of Riversdale. I look up to see giant, round, ball shaped observatory sized domes high in the sky. I can feel the radio waves going right through me, so I try to get away from the structures as soon as possible......./////..... Today I dreamt I made my way up 11th street in Riversdale Saskatoon. I often go up starting from the east end of the street that faces the river, upward Westward. In many dreams of this neighborhood where I used to live I keep ending up at the old pharmacy and grocery store on the corner of 11th and Ave L. South. It is usually at night. I am getting snacks with other people. I talk to the owners who know me well. They are usually black people. They are a late night open candy store, and I am usually there to buy junk food. I eat the junk food,  pop, and carry on with my adventures in the area.  The dreams shift into all kinds of things from there.  But this location appears to be a common pit stop in my dreams. I don't know what this store is now but it was directly across the street from another, smaller, older building, a Chinese run grocery store. In this particular dream today I enter the store, look around in what looks like a large warehouse to see all kinds of foods in bulk, still unloaded, in big boxes. I am unhappy because the sales I came for were over. I go to make my way out. It is day now, where before it was night. I see a guy I've seen in dreams before. He is thin, taller then me, sunk in face, usually wears a hat. We often take minds trips together, not sure what else to call them. We stand at grocery store  sliding doors, that don't exist in reality at that location. We get on our knees. Often my cousin Dean Collins is with me. We see small, square holes at the bottom of the doors. They are apart of them. The holes are about 4 inches by 3 inches. They are clean cut. The following sequence happens often to me.....We put our heads down,  press our heads against the holes. Someone either tells us, or me the following procedures. Sometimes I already know what's going to happen. But this time the mysterious friend explained it to me. I am told that my mind first, then my body is squeezed through the hole. While this happens powerful blanketing laser lights scan and record my mind and body onto compact disks. Or that is what it feels like as I am squeezing my head through the tight space. I then appear in a different place, in a different dream. I usually smell a very strong smell of steel, magnetic fields, and iron in the blood. I feel somewhat concerned as if my Soul, mind, consciousness is being pulled out of me. 


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