Animals Don't Have Souls. The Differences Between Soul, Reincarnation, and Totum's.

As with all my writings this Blog is in own personal opinions. I do not claim to know anything. I do write my opinions based on my life's experiences. To say  that animals have no soul is a contradistinction.  Because it is in my belief that all animals, collectively,  as one, is the collective soul of the Gaia Earth Entity.  In my opinion animals, such as our pets do not have souls.  They are Spirit Guides. They are Totum Spirits, and as such love us unconditionally. They will often follow us through our life times. We choose our Totum's prior to being born. Yes, there is a dog heaven. But it is the same as any animal spirit dwelling in the Spirit Realm.  All things have a Spirit. Rocks, trees, plants, cats, dogs, birds. But the soul is something very different. The soul is the I AM THAT I AM. All that we see, feel, hear, taste, sense, and experience is in a collective understanding an aspect of your soul. The soul being the vibration or frequency of all frequencies in the universe. The same could be said of our pets in a quantum theory mind set. Animals are limted to their physical DNA. Human are not. Animals can reason with conscious understanding of consequencies to a very limited degree. We as human beings, have no real limit in our consciousness to making choices. We make choices with very expanded awarenessof near infinite complexiities of consequences. Animals are limited to their animal instinct. Because they are Spirit or Spirits directly animated by the Love of the Earth Goddess, God, Gods, they knew unconditional exceptence of their master. Domesticated animals do not function on a universal representation. We as humans are designed to host the Divine Spark. Animals are not. We stand upright wand have the five geometric pentagram, as drawn by Da Vinci. We have the power to know a tool, can also be a symbol. A symbol with infinite meanings. This is because we have the consciousness of the infinity of the Divine within us. Animals have no such concept. We have the powers of invention, imagination, magical intent. Animals do not. Animals have a very limited arena of will. We have unlimited will, and desire to choose between the concepts of Good and Evil. All animals are limited by their genetic make up. The greater their genetic complexity, the greater their intelligence. In my opinion elephants and dolphins are amongst the closest to animals having a soul. But the animal is limited in expressing the Creator's Will in us. Or shall I say we as humans are not limited to express Will. Therefore we are the host of the soul. Our bodies, and minds, and spirit of body and mind ( Chakras, Aura's, Kundalini ) are exclusively designed to host all that is of infinite expression. Animals are not. As with reincarnation, I understand in the same light as the Hindu, except that the soul enters the living creature with extreme limitation. And it would be as a choice. A soul may experince the life of any living creature only by a very limited portion of its quintessence. To clearify, if a person wanted to experince the life of a dog, a very minute portion of the souls consciousness, or soul quintessence; (Soul consciousness without the frequency of the universal.  Or sense of being somewhere without actually being there.). Again it is all about the law of physical restrictions. A gentic creature is limited to the Divine Totality here called a soul, by its genetic capacity to express the unlimited reality of unlimited will.  Powerful Spirits from alternate dimensions can shape shift into animals. And in this manner a persons pet maybe called a Familier. To remain open minded we could say that the human race is not the only Beings of physical apparatus to have a soul. That their are other supernaturanl creatures of sentient spirit, or soul far and well beyond us. In this case,it is possible, in limited numbers, for an entity of extraterrestrial origin to take on the physical structure of a person's pet. All animals, specially our domesticated pets have feelings and emotions. But they are limited to thier limited genetic design. We as humans beings with souls,not just spirit are gentically made to express infinite emotions and feelings, knowing the difference, and even combining the two. In ending, it is in my opinion that animals, our beloved pets will be there for us when we passover. As our Spirit Guide Totum's they will be there to guide us, comfort us in the after life, and the life after that. 


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