Channeled Message from Inanna: The Seven Cleansing's of Seven Earthquakes.

This Channeling will be used in the Vesta Flame Energy Initiations. "" Now I carry with me the first mysteries of the Virgin Mother. I carry these in body of the Elusinian Mysteries. I will pass through the seven gates of the inner earth, with seven rays, like seven stars shining, uncovering, unveiling all.  Now I  am naked, at the first gate, stripped to bare my truth. I pass. I am bathed in Rosemary oils. . I am cleansed in the earth, and the earth quakes with longing to cleanse.The first ray reverberates throughout the earth.  Now I enter the second gate. I am stripped, bare to the truth of my body. I am bathed in Clove oils. The earth quakes with longing to be cleansed. The second ray reverberates throughout the interior of the earth. Now I descend further into the earth. Now I come to the third gate, and I am naked, stripped to my truth. And I am cleansed in oils of frankincense. The earth moans, longing to be cleansed. And an earthquake follows the third ray of sight, seining all things. Now I descend further into the earth and I come to the fourth gate. I am naked. I am bathed in peppermint oils. I am so so clean. The earth longing for cleansing, quakes the mantles. The interior of the earth is bathed in the fourth ray of the fourth star. I descend to the fifth gate, and there I am naked. I am bathed in canola oils, and I hear the golden wheat fields of summer, they cry out for cleansing.   The earth longing for cleansing cries out in earth shaking. The fifth ray shines, and sees all.  Now I descend to the sixth gate . I am naked for the sixth time, having shed six skins,like six serpents of the Underworld.  I am bathed in Myrrh oils. The sixth ray shines throughout the interior of the world.  The earthquakes in longing to be cleansed. Now I come to the last gate, the seventh veiled. And I am naked, bathed in gold charcoal. All  my skins in ashes.  The earth cries out with sensations to be cleansed, and the earth shakes.  The seventh ray that is Hidden sees all within the interior of the Underworlds.  Now I see my daughters, my sisters, my reflections. I see Ishtar, Isis, Astarte, Aphrodite, Venus.  The sixth Goddess was a violet flame. It passed into the six Goddesses, and they came to wash me in a waterfall of virgin pure sea water. When I was cleansed, I was clothed with garments of the colours of the earth. I flew to heaven,with all powers intact. As I flew through the earth, the earth was bond to Heaven in tight threaded spirals, like giant screws. "" 


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