The Sword Verse: V.5 of 9th Sura...A Message of Hope from Archangel Gabriel.

""The Holy Stone fell from Heaven as a sacrifice to you. It is a Tear of God. It holds the Word of God. It is there in Mecca, called Kaaba,it is to guide you back home. Who are 'We', the plural of the testaments of the Prophet Muhammad, Blessed Peace Be upon Him. ? We are the Ones who lifted the Prophet into Heaven. From the Holy Rock of the Dome, He was lifted upon Our wings.  Just as you shall be lifted into Heaven by the Word of the Stone that is called Kaaba. WE are the Elohim. We are those who praise God. EL, who praise O'Him. What great turmoils you have brought upon yourselves. What books in your name have you added to the Word of God. These additions you yourselves created out of your own ego have brought upon you curses. Turmoil after turmoil veils across your nations like the plagues of Egypt.  Who has placed words in the month of God? And having placed your words in front of God, you had hopped for peace? Tell Us, do you have peace in your nations? No? Then let Us share a vision brought to this man. He read the sura v.5. of the 9th sura and saw the deeper message. Behold, and take wisdom, the Jihad is with yourselves. The holy Prophet Muhammad dictated the words "Then, when the sacred months have passed, slay the idolaters whenever ye find them, and take them [ captive ] and besiege them, and prepare for them each ambush. But if they repeat and established worship and pay the poor-due, then leave their way free. Lo. ah is Forgiving, Merciful."...To whom do you think we were taking too? Did you not read further and see where We revealed to whom We were speaking too? Or did your ego place in your hearts words before God?  We tell you that hatred, envy, spit, jealousy, fear, these sins against God shall separate you from Heaven. Heaven will not except thorns of the Heart. Read further, and here We will show you now as to whom We were speaking to, when We spoke these words to the holy Prophet Muhammad, Blessed Peace Be Upon Him. Read carefully....'How should the idolaters have covenant with God and His Messenger? excepting those with whom you made covenant at the Holy Mosque."  It is to you, the Faithful to Allah, the Faithful to the Prophet Muhammad, Blessed Peace Be Upon Him, to whom We speak. The Jihad is within you. The holy war, the idolaters are the passions of sin that dwell within yourselves. It is yourself that you must master before God, and the Word of God that is the Tear Kaaba. It is the infidels who invade your Heart, your mind, and body, they are the enemy We have always spoken of. For think deeply with Us, how can hatred, and fear recede in Heaven? Allah does not want your hatred, nor your fear, nor your sins of passion. Finally, lay siege to your own passions of sin, and cast out those demons. That is your war, that is your Jihad."" 


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