Extensive Dream of Walking Up Stacks of Ouija Boards, and Divination Oracles.

The dream is lenghty because I wrote it all down right when I woke up. This intense , lengthy, vivid dream is about walking up warehouse like stacked piles of Ouija Boards, and Divination Oracles of every kind. Which is very odd since I do not favour the use of Ouija Boards. After having this dream I will need to go to a store that sells them, and make my amends. Ha. I was going to record this dream early this afternoon but Facebook and other Social Media platforms were all down for most of the day. In retrospect of the dream I think I may have made direct communication with hundreds of Ouija Boards, and Oracles of various kinds. Work up today at about noon. I felt really groggy for hours later, as if I had been in a deep trance.  It seemed to take forever to wake up out of the fog. My body was screaming for me to go back to bed.  Haven't had that intense of a feeling in quit a while. I think it speaks to the intensity and depth of the dream I had. So I went to the Thien Vietnamese restaurant and wrote the dream on paper so I wouldn't forget it.  The dream starts off with me working at the Coop Grocery Store on 8th Street, a real place were I once worked.  I was packing large quantities of food and groceries. I had to work alone and it was getting very busy. I then had to go outside and gather carts and bring them back into the building. Somehow I got into a car, and went for a car ride.The car was a cab. At some point I asked the driver if I had to pay for the ride. It was night, we were on the outskirts of the city. When the driver realized I couldn't pay I had to get out and walk home. At some point I realize that I am completely naked.  It is daytime now. I run around the streets and back allies nude, trying to hide from being seen. I find a cardboard box and place it over myself. I look to see the downtown skyscrapers far off in the distance.  I see a path leading through a thick forest of trees that leads to the city center. I run down the path naked, covering myself with the box. I must have been running fast because suddenly I was inside a building. It was a large store filled with light. Everything is white, like department store. But it was like a hoarder's  paradise. There was several clear paths to walk on, but I was surrounded by stockpiles, like mountains of stuff. White tile floors. I saw stock piles of sex products for sale. That's what I was told they were, but I don't recall identifying anything in particular. People are telling me things about the products, some vices were female,some were male as I began climbing on top of the piles. I kept climbing higher and higher. Quickly the small hills of stuff became Ouija Boards.  I heard voices talking to me,instructing me with each new Board that I seemed to step into.  I felt like I was stepping into them, as I now felt I was in the old books store chain of stores called Tramps. Tramps was the first used books stores to sell occult books in Saskatoon where I live. I could feel the presence of the original owners of Tramps. It was a nostalgic like feeling. As I walked upward each Board gave me instructions to ignore a certain unique aspect about its design. I would ignore the warning and look to see the various different designs. Some had three dimensional wood carved , horned gods. Also images on the boards of goddesses  with long, dark hair, dressed in black dresses. Then the Boards became more complex. They were now oblong boxes. They were still talking to me,one after another, as I looked into what I was stepping on,or into. I saw the Boards with thin, little, clear bottles carved into them. I saw the bottles were filled with herbs, and liquids. I saw Ouija Boards turned into magic kits, having what are called Sigils, and magic Seal medallions.  Voices from the boards were telling what was inside their kits. After what felt like hundreds of Ouija Board boxes, after what seemed like forever, I reached a plateau or ceiling. I now found myself standing in a darkly lite house. It was night. I was fully clothed now. I instinctively felt like I was in the house where all the owners and managers of the Tramps stores lived.  They were all sleeping. I heard someone snoring. It was coming from the bathroom. I opened the door and looked inside. A man was sleeping in the tub. Pit Bull looking dogs were awake, sitting up in attention. One saw me but they made no noise, and remained where they were.  I see several doors that I don't open in the hallways. One door, which I feel is the cellar door, I open it. I see a black emptiness, not even any stairs. I sit down on the edge of the doorway and dangle my feet into the empty void. Some voice tells me there are stairs but I have to imagine them. That doesn't seem to work . I get up and walk into another room with an open door. I instinctive feel it is filled with Rosicrucian paraphernalia. I see a small blue candle on the shelf of a wall. Next to it is small vile of water. I took the candle, lit the candle and took the holy water. I went back to the dark basement door. I sprinkled the water on myself, and then sprinkled the darkness of the basement. Then I placed the candle in the darkness and it slowly floated on invisible waves, descending downward a few feet until a basement floor was seen. It was a dirt floor. I saw numerous,moving,living and conscious clusters of vines moving around.  I feel like I have to leave. So to protect my find I willingly set it all on fire with my mind, I hear and see explosions as I close the door. I feel I did this to prevent anyone from following me, or finding this place. I close the door and wake up. 


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