Dreams of a Blond, Important Books, UFO Abductions, and The Broadway Bridge Wizard.

Here are several bites and pieces of dreams I've had over the past weeks. I am certain that what I remember of these dreams add up to the climax of the dream of being a wizard who lives on a bridge.I have tried to keep all the dreams in the order that I dreamt them over the past few weeks........In several dreams I keep dreaming of a young, blond haired woman. She is almost like a teenager. She is cute, curly, long blond hair, Caucasian, usually wearing a black sweater with white letters saying something. There is some kind of tension between us. Like should we be lovers, or just friends. She shows me her boyfriends. Or they appear near during the dreams. As if she is trying to tease me, or make hints to me. I usually meet her in houses I've never been in before, or at drinking parties............Dreamt of my dad a few times In these dreams I am usually at his house, a house I've never been in before. He is smoking, and leaning back on a  favorite recliner that he loved in real life. We talk but I can't remember about what..I usually end up dumping out his ash trays...........In one dream I see a three level house. It is yellow. It appears to have a large yard all around it.  A house in the city.  I've dreamt of my Brother living in this house many times with his ex girlfriend Carol. In this dream I ask my brother to get me some books. The house becomes a large, used book store inside. We walk inside the book store, and I head straight for the occult section. My brothers agrees to steal all the books I want. I go looking through books on astrology.........In another dream all I remember is the Stargate SG1 leader [....]     His face replaces the face of my mom'sex boyfriend Abe. So now he is like my step dad. He tells me about his service in war and tells me about a special book that helped him through it. I then see the book on top of a flat table full of books. Its like I am in his library now. I see a large, massive,old, thick book in front of me. I start looking through all the amazing photos inside. They appear to be codes, mixed in with backdrops of outer space..This book will appear again in the next dream I write here............In another dream my good friend Wes, also my brother's best friend wants to show me an important book. He appears to be angry at me,or frustrated with me. In the dream he has been attending University. He feels that this book will help me. We enter a large, dome like rotunda. Very old, large books on tall book shelves. Books piled up to the waist all around us. Wes takes me to a old table in the middle of the room,. He shows me a large, massive thick book. It looks very ancient. It is about two feet long, and a foot thick. The book is filled with brilliant, 3D like photos of whales, dolphins, and other undersea creatures. I am impressed but not excited enough to impress Wes............In another dream I watch my brother build a large basement store. He stocks all these shelves with numerous DVD sets, and massive fantasy books that he did steal in real life. He shows me a multi-level glass shelf full of Chinese ornaments that he also stold. My deceased brother was very proud of his massive collection............ In another dream me, Dave my brother, Wes, and D. Daniels were all outside  watching the stars. We were standing on a high plateau like balcony, at least three stories high. The sky suddenly becomes full of UFO'S, or bright dancing lights. We are all amazed.  D. Daniels is the first person to be sucked by a beam of white light. He is later beamed back and tells us of horrible experiments on him. Then Wes is taken, same thing, he comers back and speaks of horrible experiments.  Then my brother is taken, he returns saying the sane thing. They all start running away, telling me to run. But I tell I am not afraid of them, that I enjoy being abducted, and I find them to be friendly.............Finally, last night I dreamt I was approaching the Broadway Bridge in downtown Saskatoon, approaching from downtown. I saw an old lady who was very mean. I warned her against being so mean, and unfriendly. At this point, somehow I take on the persona of a wizard. I start walking up the bridge, and the bridge transforms into another world. Everything transpires on the bridge and I can feel that the bridge is only a step away in another dimension from me. It was still somehow the foundation of the house I was now in. So now I was in a large, long house of a wizard. I saw witchcraft like items everywhere.  In the dream I kept phasing in and out of the wizard. I would be the wizard, then later I would be watching him from the outside. The wizard looked like the classical fantasy persona. I only remember certain parts of the dream. The wizard lives on the bridge in another dimension. That was a major feeling of the dream. People would walk along the bridge and right through the house not knowing me,or the house, or wizard were there. Sometimes a person would know, and one Chinese man did stop and ask me for medicine for a headache. I went to my kitchen, opened up a cabinet and gave the man a pack of pills. Then I was watching the wizard create art pictures with some kind of clay, and metal fillings, or a paste of metallic substances, some silver, some bronze. Then I was the wizard drawing out the paintings on large painting canvas. The canvas was five or six feet, by five or six feet. Or I would be watching the wizard make these paintings. The paintings would suddenly be bound in a two foot wide frames that were inspected by some man sitting close to the wizard. 


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