My accomplishments this year as listed.

 *** 2 LIT HAPPENS, Saskatchewan wide televised appearances. The first was from the beginning of February to the end of March. The second from October 8th, until December 21st. My segments together were played over 300 times over a 120 days. A total of 44 hours worth of T.V. air time. 9 minutes a segment, repeated 300 times equals about 2, 735 minutes. *** Printed out, and bound over 900 pages of all my collective books called The Psi-Pantheon Arcana, as seen on the Lit Happens T.V. segment. *** Wrote three new e-books, Pandemonium, Vesta Healing Energy Initiations, and A Book of Shamanism. *** Published a total of 44 e-books. *** Re-edited five pages of my website. *** Created a series of seven pre-existing books called The Infinity Prose Series. Where you can produce millions of new paragraphs and formula's of grand unifying field sentences by mixing up the sentences into endless new paragraphs. If I number 6 to 49 sentences how many numerical combinations could you make with the number between 6 and 49?  *** Reiki Master 4th Attunement on November 4th. *** Completed 12 Udemy Online courses. Including Reiki Master, Altantean-Lemuria Reiki Master, Seven Rays Reiki Master, Crystal Reiki master, Karuna Ki Shamanism, Fairie Shamanism, Three Worlds Shamanism, Reiki Space Clearing, Space Clearing techniques, and Shamanic Soul Retrieval. *** 18 re-edited, and expanded e-books. *** 101 Channeled messages to Facebook. ***127  Successful Premonitions listed to Facebook. *** 70 Dream Journals. 


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