Yesterday I wrote three different posts on my Facebook timeline about visions I had of space twisting helix's of cosmos wide solar systems. I saw images of solar systems all twisting, and spiraling in a vortex like pattern. It was all like the now familiar animation of viewing the our own solar system. The famous new animation model shows the sun traveling across space, with the planets spiraling around the sun in a vortex pattern. The image looks like the threading of DNA, double helix's, or braiding of fabrics. The mathematical animated model is familiarly known as the The HELIOCENTRICAL VORTEX, or Spiraling Solar System...The videos can be found on YouTube and Google....Two days ago I was listening to old Kraftwerk live concert songs from 1981. I began seeing the visions of the twisting solar systems. I began receiving what I can only describe as images with messages of knowing. I began to think of the numerous planets we have found in the universe, and how many solar systems. I came to realize that all these many, many solar systems are spiraling in a Heliocentrical Vortex as well. That all these solar systems, are all moving around their sun, planets following their sun making double helix, braiding patterns. I started thinking about the Mayan calendar wheels, and the shafts of the Great Pyramid pointing to certain stars. I thought of the earth spinning. I imagined shafts of thread reaching out to these stars of the Great Pyramid, and I saw the earth being threaded as if it were a giant spool of string. I saw the earth as a giant spool of string and realized that it represented DNA.  I quickly began realizing that our DNA, all DNA RNA was made from a collective collaboration of millions, perhaps billions and trillions of solar systems through the universe. Billions of solar systems twisting space into near infinitely long, spiral ,helix braids. I saw this as a cosmic perpetual motion machine. Space itself was twisted and warped, not just once but twice. These were spatial concepts I had been Channeling for over 35 years now.  I realized that the whole universe is filled with DNA/RNA. All planets,moons, comets, asteroids, meteorites, were capable of carrying DNA strains. That super twisted space time itself created the cosmic DNA pool, and that this DNA pool was spread out through the universe, permeating the cosmos. Thirty five years ago I began my extensive Channeling of a concept called THE COSMIC GAIA. That the universe was a giant organism just like the Gaia Theory. And that this Cosmic Gaia spun in a giant vortex made of two curvatures of space/time. As I listened to my Kraftwerk songs I thought of all the world's ancient  astro-archaeological stone sites, and all their alignments to the stars. I imagined threads, and strings emanating from these sites to their star destinations. And as the earth spun, it was being spooled by endless threads and strings of wool. DNA was forming throughout those primordial swamps. In essence, we may owe our DNA driven existence to the billions of DNA spiraling planetary solar systems in the universe. 


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