The following is three vivid dreams I've had over the past couple of weeks. I did my best to memorize them. I was quit hesitant in posting the dreams, but I will leave out certain details that may give people the wrong idea of me. I am not a Satanist or demon worshiper of any kind even though the dreams may indicate so. in the first recorded dream, and the last I'm not sure if they are cult like dreams, but the second recorded dream certainly is. I think the Satanic like dream has to do with wanting, desiring to be a part of something special. A part of me wants to surrender to another, or others, be controlled in a sexual fetish way. The second dream is from my deep subconscious, and it represents a passion to be a helpless victim in a sexual manner. It maybe the result of my lifetime interests in vampires. I have a strong, unacknowledged desire to belong, to be wanted by a group, or intimate surrender. Or it was just another wet dream. LOL. DREAM # 1... I am in a hut made of bamboo. I remain in this hut throughout the dream. The hut appears to be in the middle of a large field, at night, in summer. Sometimes it feels like it is in a detention center. The walls are filled with exotic, esoteric items. All the kinds of gifts you would find in a metaphysical, paranormal gift shop. Me and my brother were living in the hut and we seemed to have accumulated all these things together. I saw crystals of all kinds, wooden masks, Buddhist and Hindu paraphernalia. Two people walk into the hut and sit down. We sit with them, playing cards. I found out that the one person is a king pin of all the gangs in the city. That lives near my old house on 1135 Ave L. South in Riversdale area. I wanted impress him and make sure we were friends. I gave him a sacred crystal, he excepted, we shook hands in friendship and he left. While we were playing cards I saw two woman on my brother's bed. I don't know if we knew they were there. One was a red head, the other a brunette. Then there was a man in a black suit, with white hair. He appeared to be almost transparent in skin tone. He saw a knife I had picked up off the table, one of many ancient items. The man is very interested in the knife. He approaches me and asks to see it. I let him see it. I have a strong feeling I should make this person happy by giving him the knife. My brother agreed. He was pleased with being given the knife. He wanted to bless me by pressing the handle of the knife on my forehead. After he left, I said to my brother...... IN THE SECOND DREAM.... ..I walk into a  darkly lit room. The room is very large. I feel dizzy. I am naked.  I am naked throughout the dream. I see two large, marble, black, oblong  monuments. They are like giant altars on either side of me. They are about 5 feet tall, so people could walk on top of them. Two people I can't see help me to an altar up ahead. The altar is a large, oblong table with a white sheet covering it. Numerous medieval type cups, and bowls with some science flacks willed with liquids were covering the table. I saw a round , black cloth on the wall with symbols on it but it was all blacked out throughout the dream. I drink from a cup that is lifted to me. Now I am very dizzy and weak. I am left to lay on the floor. I see two or three women I've seen before in other dreams. They are naked, and simply walk past me. I seem to be feeling more drugged, more lustful for something, like a hungry animal. A large man dressed in Priestley robes approaches me and starts sprinkling me with holy water. He has many weird symbols on his regalia. The holy water is not the kind of holy water you find in a Church. It seems to do something strange to me. Another, larger,older woman is seen naked, worshiping the altar on her knees.  A man who appears to be a great Roman of importance appears in my face and starts telling me things, asking me things. I am too drugged to really reply. But I hear people call him a great Roman philosopher. Romanus,  or something like that was his name. He was dressed in a Roman toga, he was Caucasian with white, short, curly hair.  Then he left and another, different Priest appeared and using a cup of holy water, or whatever it was, and began sprinkling me with it. He rubbed my forehead with water a drew an upside down cross. I immediately thought of The Cross of St. Peter. Than naked women I could not see began pasting me with something. I kept hearing chants throughout the dream. I than saw a large bible like book. It didn't have any title. It seemed to have a silver square center, with reddish trimmings. Some hieroglyphic images of some sort outlined the red trimming. Someone asks me if I believe, and if I except. I say "I do. I except.".......IN THE THIRD DREAM......I only remember basic parts of this dream. I am with my brother, his friend Wes, sometimes Wes would morph into another friend of mine, Thomas.  We were drinking at some bar, it is late at night, and we are walking home. We come across two women with long red hair. They were Caucasian, an young, about 25, the other about 35. We started talking, and there was a fourth person with me, Dave and Wes, but I don't find out who he is. The girls ask us to come over and rink with them. He say yes, and I we have bottles of hard liquor with us. As we get close to their house which appears to be an apartment, they tell us of a time travelling porthole. We  are all drunk and we decide to run with the girls into the large brush of trees next to their apartment. As we run through I begin feeling weird, and I say out loud that its working. I duck under a tree branch which is bent like a doorway. I run underneath it and jump into a lake shore side at the end of the path. Instead of jumping onto the sand below, I am standing at the doorway of the girls apartment. "See?" They said. "We told you it was real."  We were amazed. We got into the apartment, house. The apartment or house had its front door right next to  where people walk. It was like the old neighbors of old London. The apartment door was without any patio, or yard. You could just walk in from off the street. The house had a prestigious beachfront feel to it. It felt like Florida. There were many houses and building surrounding the large lake. We are inside the house, sitting on the hardwood floor. One of the red headed girls, the younger one says she wants to do a reading of me. I agree. Her older sister seems to warn me of her younger sisters powers. Her face becomes weird as she touches my arms. One eye seems to become larger. When she is done it was like it never happened. We seemed to be mesmerized by the women, and we didn't want to leave. The women kept showing me things in their house, stuff, junk they owned. We wanted badly to run through the time porthole again. It was like a drug. In the dream we end up passing through the thick grove of trees, taking the same path, ducking under the same tree branch, doorway. Each time was different seeming more serious than the last. Each time, one more of my friends is missing. Now I'ma alone with the sisters. They become like rich, drunken, hookers. But I feel I am trapped with them,and can't leave anywhere on my own. But that feeling is a strong desire not too. I want to stay with them.  After one sister returns with beer, we sit and drink together for a while. They tell me about their technologies, IPhones, interconnected video game and movie players. Like they are trying to convince me to stay. The dream ends with me having to use their washroom. 


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