Before having this dream I was laying down in bed. At some point I felt a sudden sharp, burning spike like sensation in my fourth toe on my left foot. The fourth toe going from left to right, before the big toe. I really didn't think much of it........ Then later I had the following dream.....I had a long and lengthy dream of walking in a very clinical bank. I asked for a loan of $500, 000 dollars. I had to go through many questions as two different Oriental women took all information, and I was to read and sign papers. Than an older woman, Caucasian, about 55 years old came up to me. She had dark brown hair curled up in buns. She was dressed in a white long sleeved shirt and black skirt.  She looked like she was dressed from the 1930's, common school teacher look. Her face looked completely fake, like she face was filled with Botox. It was as if she a hundred years old but with the face of a 55 or 60 year old via the Botox. One Oriental lady told me to look into a laser scanner like camera, and start talking about anything. Then I was told of some corporation has globally scanned my face. I was told it was a free procedure for me because I was going to receive the loan. She showed me the results on a monitor. I saw numerous images of famous historical people like Hitler, and famous movie and T.V. personalities. It was as if my face was being grafted onto theirs's, a computer simulation of what they would like if my face were on them.  It looked like I was about to receive my $500,000 dollar loan but when I was asked for my S.I.N number I couldn't remember it. The tall Caucasian woman with the Botox was asking me questions and I couldn't understand her. I began to feel dizzy, and I fell to the floor. I felt suddenly drugged. I remember laying there looking up at all these lights. People came and carried me to an operating table. I blacked out for a moment. The Botox woman was standing over me guiding a very long needle that I could feel moving around in my stomach. There was no pain. Then she retracted the needle. I began to feel an incredible lust for her, like she could take full advantage of me. I wanted her to rapture me, take me, have sex with me. She moved to to the left of me and placed a needle in my right cheek. She was scooping up fat and tissue from inside my cheek. Then she looked at what she had scooped, and brought out another needle and started doing some kind of surgery to my left, upper teeth. I just felt so much in lust of her. I wanted her to sink her teeth in my neck, kind of lust. For quit a while I could feel my left arm against her stomach. Then it was time to get up. I felt like a drone, a mindless drone. Everything she said I agreed to. At one point I dropped my pants as we walked into a private room. I was wanting to make love to her. But that was rejected. She told me something about having to be scanned again, as it I was a product being bought at a store, and it needed to be scanned for product I.D. and so the scanner at the front door would not go off when I left. This procedure was simply me placing my hands in a red beam of light. That's all I remember. 


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