I was as a baby, brought to term in my first nine months of life across the street from Saskatoon's largest graveyard, I spent the first year of life on 2nd Ave, across from Woodlawn Cemetery. We moved briefly to another house, but in less than a year me, my brother, and parents moved into the haunted house of 1135 Ave L. South. I would learn of this being haunted, nor the second one until I was about to start my first grade in High School. As far back as I can remember I was always fascinated with space, ghosts and UFO's. Our Elementary School had two libraries. One for grades 1, to 5, and the other from 5 to 8. As far back as grade 2 I was always looking at picture books about the stars, sun, planets, and galaxies. I draw out cartoons about a space traveling man I named Mr. Small. He was based off the Flintstones Mars character. By grade 5 I was traveling with my dad, and my brother on long distance truck driver adventures. During the summer holidays I would travel all over North America on my dad's 18 wheeler. I always took my puppets, and books on astronomy. Through the next four years the books would become much more complex. I left the puppets behind and took with me books like Erich's Von Daniken's Chariots of the Gods, Gods From Outer Space. I talked my dad's ear off with all topics related to the ancient aliens, and the stone structures they left behind. We talked endlessly about aliens, and the size of the universe, how far a light year was, how big the sun was compared to the earth. I brought books like OMNI'S Book of Robots and, Book of Computers. These books were about the future. My dad was the greatest inspiration in my life. He always listened, and never judged. As a family, and as a passenger with my dad on the semi=truck, we travelled a lot through the Rocky Mountains. I was always on the look out for bigfoot, or ufo's flying out of the mountains. Escape From Witch Mountain was a big childhood inspiration. Perhaps my early fascination with the occult began when I was about 5 or 6, when my mom and my brother Dave played around a lot with a Ouija Board. Finally when my mom no longer liked it, she told my brother to through it in the garbage. I was devastated. I began crying and fighting against throwing it out. Who knows maybe this is where the ghosts of this house come from. My brother throw the board in the garbage in the back yard. I later went and brought it back into the house. Again my brother had to throw it out. This time in an alley garbage can where I would never find it. At around the age of 9 or 10 I awoke from a sleep in the middle of the night. I looked back and saw myself still  sleeping on the bed. I turned and walked right through the basement bedroom door, up the stairs and out through the closed, backyard door. There I saw a wall of changing colors, and lights. Sometime later, in real life I noticed two deep chunks of flesh missing from my stomach and chest. Later on I would except this as some kind of Alien abduction. The holes in my body were deep, about one centimeter by two centimeter wide. There was no sign of blood, or an insect bit. At about this time my parents were separated for over a year now. My dad's new girlfriend Patty had an encyclopedia that I fell in love with. It was a massive series of books called The Encyclopedia of Man, Myth and Magick. Patty was also a witch. I would read the encyclopedia and learn about her divination, palm reading, pendulums, when ever we visited. My dad was living in a haunted farmhouse just east of Sasaktoon, along side the road leading to a small town called Bruno. It was haunted by a little girl who drowned in a swamp behind the house. My dad said he could often see her light floating around. I spent a few night there in that house, reading from the borrowed encyclopedia books, but my dad never told me about the ghost until much later on. My dad would later move in with Patty in the city, and have three children with her. While all these paranormal events were happening, I was raised in an ongoing horror show, a very dysfunctional family. That begins the second half of my story. 


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