We lived as kids in Elementary school at haunted house, two blocks back from the  haunted house on Ave L. South. This house was only half a block from school. We lived in this second haunted house on Ave N. South, while my mom, her boyfriend Abe, and his brothers worked on totally reconstructing the interior of the house at 1135 Ave L. South. My mom told me all about the haunted houses not long before I was to start High School. Then we were living in an apartment complex on the East side of the city. I was already very troubled. But more on that later. Ave L was haunted by teo children about the ages of nine. My mom saw them one night coming home while I was out truck driving with my dad. She opened the side door and saw two children, both about nine years old, a boy and a girl. Their glowing outlines scared her so much she fell back and broke her ankle. Maybe they were mad about all the family fighting in the years prior, and the years to come? Prior to my mom meeting Abe, who would become my unofficial step-father, my mom and dad fought a lot.  My parents later separated, but never divorced. My dad kept the house, and my mom moved into the hotel where she worked as a head maid. That hotel would be connected next to what is now known as THE LIGHTHOUSE. While living at Ave L, with my dad and my brother I started get sick. I think I was about 7 or 8 years old. I was sent o live with my mom because my dad had to work and no one was around to take care of me. I went through five to six weeks of intense sickness. I got the mumps, then the mussels, the flu. I could barely eat for weeks. The ear, stomach and throat aches were unbearable. My mom had meet Abe at the hotel. He would end up being a sever bully. Abe and my mom bought our old house on Ave L from my dad. We moved in. I kept coming home after Elementary school to see my bedroom in the basement being torn to pieces, all my toys, and things were scattered everywhere. My mom would later on tell me it was the ghosts haunting the house. The ones that hated my step-dad, Abe. They always bothered him while he tried to sleep, and later had to sleep only with the lights on.  Numerous fights took place when my dad showed up very late in picking us up for a visit. My dad was often late, or a no show after promising to visit us. My reading of occult books about ghosts, hauntings, alien abductions intensified. At school I was a total moron. I was the freaky, space cadet. I was bullied all the time, called upon to be the class clown at a moments notice. Abe and my mom left me alone in that haunted house on numerous, countless occasions while they spent all night drinking in the bars. They would call me every once in a while to say they would have a couple more drinks and then be home. That wasn't until 3 am in the morning, when they would spend the next three hours fist fighting. All of this before we even moved into the second haunted house. on Ave n. South. The second house we had lived in was haunted by a man who hung himself in the basement. As a kid I remember seeing doors would close on their own, the toilet flush by itself. Taps turns on by themselves, and sounds of loud creeks on the basement stairs. Our dog always barked at nothing in the air. My mom and Abe kept drinking late nights, leaving me alone at the house. I was told at that time all the weird happenings were mechanical issues. After several years of being left alone at nights in haunted houses, my mom and Abe stopped renting the second house. The first house on Ave L, sold.  We moved into an apartment on the east side. My mom and Abe separated. My mom told me the ghost stories prior to entering High School. High School would be a two year experience with demons. 


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