I meet my best friend in High School on the first day of first class. Our lockers were beside each other. The locks of our lockers would not open no matter what we tried. The principle with his keys couldn't open them. Me and Anthony Dunmore began talking while we waited for the janitor to bring lock busting pliers. At the last moment we tried one last time, the lockers finally opened at the same time. Me and Anthony would visit Saskatoon's first occult emporium book store quit often. We did a lot of experimenting with Astral Projection tapes we bought. Anthony later  told me about his demon possessed basement. Of course I didn't believe him. Soon we had a sleep over at his house. We managed to set up a camping tent using hooks on the overhead beams. We sat in the tent eating melted toffee on a plate, when the plate went flying at super lightning speed, crashing into the corner of the tent. It didn't even chip. A stereo next to us would turn on and off by itself. We took out the batteries and it continued. A string we had set up from the overhead light into the tent was pulled by itself. In the darkness we would turn the light back on and watch as an invisible hand grabbed hold of the string and pulled it down, shutting off the light. In the darkness, in the night we heard a few boxes next to a wall being pushed around. From the dim light of street lamps shining through windows without curtains we watched a single chair move from one location to another, but itself, instantaneously. We heard the snorting of a goat, and the sound of goats feet on the cement. We both saw a long, boney, skeleton finger poke the side of the tent. It kept poking closer to us, bending the tent deeply inward, without leaving a single sign of a tare. We played a Q+A game with the creatures. Two knocks on the tent for no, one knock for us. We got quit a few responses to our questions. Anthony's parents were Ministers found about the demons and brought in two more priests to do the exorcism. An exorcism was conducted on Anthony as well since he displayed anti-social behaviors, and a spirit of disobedience. Throughout school we would hear loud bangs next to us, coming the walls, or desks. Things we needed for our class work would appear and disappear. This happened with teachers and fellow students. The demons followed us to my mom apartment, where we, in my bedroom saw blankets move on their own. Experienced freezing cold spots. Later that night while my mom was away we started several dozen garage ben fires in the allies. We were serious trouble makers. Rebelling against our strict up bringing's. Anthony moved to La Ronge, a city in the far north of Saskatchewan. Months later I took a trip up there, and the demons were there to greet us. In Anthony's basement the mattresses we were sleeping on would be forced up, and curled up, forcing us out of our beds. We set up a tent outside, only feet from the house. We got very bad feeling that things were beginning to surround us, and ran out of the tent and into the house. The next morning, the tent, and every piece belonging to it was gone. This was the same tent we used in the Saskatoon house. Again Anthony's dad felt the evil presence and di more exorcism's with other priests. Anthony and his family then moved to Barrie Ontario where he is today. And I haven't seen him since then. I was about enter Grade 11, and my mom got back with Abe. The bullying began again, the long, lonely hours of being left abandoned went on, and on.   My hours in my self exiled spirit rooms increased. I spent all my time reading books on Ramtha, Edgar Cayce, Ruth Montgomery, Aleister Crowley. I pasted a deck of Rider Tarot Cards above and around my bed. And began using not only for readings with family, but secret incantations of witchcraft and Voodoo. School bullying greatly intensified. Now I had no friends at all for the next two years. For reasons of crying for help, and attention I got into some very bad habits with Voodoo, Psychic Vampirism, and near Black Magick. I was for a couple years already seeing psychologists for my bad behaviors, and obsessions with isolation, escapism, and occultism. Finally I was living on my own. I was working at a local COOP. All my occult reading, studying and practicing intensified unchecked. 


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