[[ JANUARY 1st 2021 Addition. My mom did the best she could. I have long come to forgive her. She was afraid of Abe, her boyfriend, and put up with all the abuse for all the reasons that most women who experience abuse by their spouses stay in the relationship. My mom made many changes after Abe's death. She stopped drinking several years ago, and found much inner peace in the years after Abe's passing. He was the one, as my mom explained to me, and I believe her who forced her to stay at the bars and drink, leaving me along at home so many times as a kid. In the last years of Abe's life, my mom took back the reigns and forced him to travel to Saskatoon, my hometown to drop off huge quantities of food. Her generosity and love grew as Abe became more and more bed  bound, dying of cancer. ]] ////// In 1994 I meet Carol Jewel / Whitley at a UFO film being played at a downtown hotel. The films of flying ufo's were very convincing. No shaking models, or anything fake about them. These are the films that to this day have never been seen, or viewed on any social media. These were the real films of Saucers flying around the farmyard of Bill Meyer. Carol introduced to Arianna Sherann. She ran the Ashtar Command center, and me and Carol traveled to her house a few times. I began to read a lot about ufo's, and aliens. My own Channeling intensified, but now it was becoming more reflective. Carol also introduced me to an A.R.E. group that is dedicated to studying the writings of Edgar Cayce. At both different locations me and Carol did some meditations and soul reflection. She began to take me to A.A. meetings. They were very healing, as I would end up going to hundreds of meetings. At the same time I met Carol, I also met Allan Mason. He was a next door friend and also a heavy A.A. meeting person. I was still in a lot of pain, and still practicing my occult reading, studying, and Trance Channeling, but with a new, shining thread of healing. These friends, and the people I met at the meetings saved my life. I learnt how to begin socializing again. In 1995, or 96, me and Carol went out to watch the annual September meteor shower. It was dusk, we stopped just South and outside of the city. We got out, and it wasn't long before we noticed a large , black triangular UFO floating our way from the west, heading east. The ufo was about a quarter mile from us, maybe a quarter mile in the sky. As it passed over us and the desolate highway we cheered the craft on, shouting "take us, take us.".  Instead we were both gently pushed back by an invisible beam that seemed to scan us, and caress us.. I could feel the beam push against the back of head, down my whole spine. Carol felt it too. The craft moved slowly east, crossing the road, and out of sight. With perfect timing, the highway traffic began again. On the super excited drive back into the city I told Carol how home sick I was. I really felt it hard. Later that night we found out that others had seen the craft too. Weeks later I began Channeling large amounts of information about a massive series of Light Worker geometries that a woman in Wisconsin was drawing out. She wanted to know what they meant, and I recorded several tapes of their meanings. They were copies and sent to Betty Lou Marsue, a French last name. She was extremely excited and sent me up a large box filled with books of Enlightenment, Channeled books like The Book of Metatron. For copies please contact the Saskatoon Ashtar Command, Arianna Sherann. The messages of the Light Workers quickly fell out of favour with me. To this day, messages of love, light, and rose coloured sunglasses make me ill. My messages from the beginning were far more hard core, and ruff edged, or very deep. It was all of this pain, suffering and experiences of fear, doubt and despair that pushed me into a life of intense Trance Channeling. Over the decades I have amassed at least 10,000 hours of Channeling. I kept going to AA meetings for the next several years, and it all did wonders for me. I was s till Channeling a lot, still deeply entwined in the occultism of Crowley, and Alchemic Hermetism. But all the while, settling down, healing a little more each day. The intense Channeling, or downloading from Alien Races of various types, from Grey's to the Anunnaki exploded when I started working at the COOP Grocery Store. For the next seven years working there, from 1989, to 1995 I received numerous visions of blinding images. It was all very deep astral schematics of the universe, and the invisible universes. The visions were like veils placed over my eyes as I tried to work. I would often hide somewhere and draw out the visions on small pieces of paper. The visions kept coming despite all the heavy drinking of me and my brother.  The visions continued despite all the bullying I was still receiving from my mom, step dad, and brother, Finally in 2001 I saw the mass of hundreds of pieces of paper scattered in a box. I saw many of the Channeled stories, fiction and non-fiction I had written. I asked," What am I supposed to do with all this?" My first website was launched in 2002. It was the cheapest, crappiest website ever. Finally, years later I could afford to have a real professional designer make a new website. For years after that I kept adding more and more material. The results kept growing. I kept adding all the premonitions I was getting, and marking the days they came true. I added links to my two world wide published oracles from Schiffer Publishing. I linked my 44 books I had written, and published on Amazon Kindle. I kept amassing the successes of my writing career, and the result is the Universe, Kingdom, and Empire you see today on the website. My only brother Dave, my step dad Abe, and genetic father died one after the other from 2012 onward. My mom made a 360 degree turn to a free spirit of positivity. She was free from Abe's abuse. I was now published, appearing on local T.V., and doing a couple of national radio interviews, one of which, just this month was broadcast throughout all of North America. I hope that my brief autobiography has allowed for several positive messages to surface to the eyes of the reader. The messages being to push through, plough through all resistance of pain, suffering, bullying, addictions. So plough your way through extreme depression, anxiety, and fear, and do what your heart wants. Let nothing, or no one stop you. As I now enter 2021, my healing journey has only just begun. I still struggle with low self esteem. I still self sabotage of good things in life. But things are far more peaceful, calm, and healing. I am still like a wounded animal with many defeats of character, and short comings. But I am much stronger now, more sane, and happy, content at having recorded all the thousands of pages of Channeled materials for posterity. Hopefully someone will carry on my Ancient Mystery School to help enlighten the masses. Someday, when I am more healed, more allowing of myself, I will find someone to love. 2021 holds much more promise then the last year. I know this year will open up many more doors, and accomplishments of many more projects. 


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