I have Channeled messages from a group of allied Beings, Races of Beings extraterrestrial for years. Most of these messages have been recorded in these blogs. The following should be considered pseudo science, conjecture, theory, and educated guess, unless you find something that rings true to you. Take what you like and leave the rest....""We are something like a federation, a unity of inter-planetary species. We are many league's and legions. Each of our races of Being have many sub-races of Beings. Our technologies know no limits. Our ships know no limits. For many of us of the most ancient, are also the most 'advanced'. Some of us are Light Beings  that have  existed long before the earth and the solar system was created. 'Light Beings' is a term that we would like to describe as pure consciousness within pure energy. By thought we built mother ships the size of earth, and much larger. The thoughts we amplify build physical matter. Just as you are approaching nano-technology, we can do this with lasers that emanate from our bodies, which are minds. Our technology of Being is not limited, and we can build whole solar systems. Many of our ships are extended vessels of ourselves. Many are the size of one half of the sun. Enoch your prophet, our messenger saw the size of our mother ships thousands of years ago. And since then our vessels have grown to expand the size of whole solar systems. The Pleiadians if you will are the lowest of our Being / Race expressions. The Pleiadians consume , or eat Light transmuted through crystals. The crystalline geometries feed their bodies. Now expand this consumption to the size of whole stars, and you will know us. You must learn to stop thinking that there is an end, or finish to the universe. There is none. The universe is made of numerous universes, trillions upon millions of trillions of galaxies. You must learn that our 'evolution' is as infinite as time dilation itself. Our minds are like time dilation in the thousands of billions of cubic squared kilometers of space and time.  Time in space, and space in time both operate as neurons and synapses of the human brain. We built the earth and the solar system. Numerous species of extraterrestrial beyond you have been inhabiting the planet for millions of years before your version of the human being was created.  It was created by a race of Light Beings known as the Anunnaki. Your bodies and minds represent thousands of Races beyond you. Such libraries exist as your 'dormant DNA.' Many Races beyond you have been fusing their libraries into your species for over 100,000 years. You have no conscious, not even unconscious knowledge of what is in these libraries. If you did, their information being so compact with energies would destroy your minds. Now we finish here by saying 'terrestrial' of extraterrestrial is a term that suggests that when we move, when we choose to move, we terra-form all the time and space of which we transgress. This is true. Many Beings ships terra-form the planet by their very presence of movement across the forests, lakes, and skies. Many of the lesser evolved take large amounts of your planets DNA samples and re-seed foreign planetary systems, you now call exo-planets. The Federation is us, the higher, highest of the high of the billions of billions of races, as we control the activities of all lesser evolved. There are hierarchies of federations, each more powerful, or powerless depending on how you move up or down the scale. DISCLOSURE will happen over many more decades, in piece meal. You will learn to except that the solar system is a living organism. Much like the 'Gaia Theory,' it is a single machine of fluid consciousness. You must learn to except first the smallest forms of life that dominate the solar system. Clouds of bacteria on Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, in all their rings filled with bacterium. Just as Venus is now found to have such clouds you will see the whole solar system in this light. Then larger organisms dwelling throughout the solar system. These larger forms of denser bacterium's will follow further evidence of possible life on exo-planets in the universe. In the mean time your visions, and experiences of us will intensify. """ 


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