Dream of Prince Charles / Dream of Buddhist House.

A couple days ago I dreamt I was in the MidTown Plaza in downtown Saskatoon. It was dark with low light, just like it used to be in the 1980's. I remember sitting at a dinner table with Royalty. I watched and commented on Royals entering the mall, or building. I think we were near the elevators. I was clearly eating the best steak ever. I said to people it was the best. Prince Charles over heard me and came up so close to me, his forehead was touching mine. This connection lasted for about a minute or more. /////// Dreamt of entering a house I've never been in, in reality but had been in a couple of times before. I walked through the front door with people, and there was a staircase leading down, and one leading up. I looked around downstairs and saw a long hallway of many rooms. This time the place was full of stuff, but the owners were not home. I looked upstairs and saw looked up to see a large room about 100 feet by 100 feet. It was all white marble. I saw Buddhist shrines on the upper levels. The upper levels were all made of transparent floors. There was about 5 levels. I then remember being on one of the top floors looking at all the Buddhist objects with other people. I noticed how thin the floors were. I remember someone giving warnings about the floors. I felt the floor was made of giving way. I saw the Buddhist owner and told him to run. We all made it off the floor except the Buddhist who choose to stay. The floor collapsed, and the Buddhist who was dressed in Buddhist clothes fell through the other floors of glass. He landed on a large safe. I thought he was dead. He was about to die when I went up to him and he held out his hand. It was full of red, crystalline candy looking beads. I eat all the crystals that tasted like sprinkles you put on a cake. Then he said to open the safe and stick my head inside. I did and remember hearing voices but seeing nothing else.


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