The Cryptozoological Generator of the Rider Waite Tarot: Part 2....The Tarot Triads.

Many of the Tarot cards hold several of the Zodiac signs, and vice versa. The Zodiac and its Houses are divided in Triads, or Triunes with the 22 Major Arcana, and further with Minor Arcana suites. These Triads are like Triangles, and when combined, the triads became pyramids.  These have a powerful psychological effect on the mind, thus also the body, specially over hundreds of years of use. These mind plays are spoken of in Part One. Here is three examples of the triads. There is so many combinations between the divination oracles. In my own divination oracle system Cancer is The Fool. Cancer being the timid, empath of curiosity. The second card to Cancer is The Hermit. Those who know the character of Cancer will see The Hermit. The third card of this triad triune is The Moon.  The Magician is Aquarius, as Aquarius is the dispenser of all magick formulas, and ambrosia of magick revelation. The second card to Aquarius is Temperance, its third card in the Triune is The Star.  The High Priestess is Pisces, being both the two pillars of polarity [two fishes], she dispenses the Arcane Knowledge only to the worthy, thus Cancer appears as a guardian of the Knowledge, both water signs as one. The Triad, or Triune of Virgo is the cards, Justice, Strength, the balance of The Lovers.  Just as there are Paranormal Triangles of Cryptids, and High Strangeness on Earth, there is also Triangles of High Strangeness within the Rider Tarot. One might ask, "Why are there so many kinds, brands and styles of Tarot today?" It is because there is a Tarot Deck within each and every one of us. And the Rider Waite Tarot has, over the centuries drawn those unconscious symbols of the collective, out and up into the world were we can now see them. This blog is copyright LiveJournal, and copyright of the Psi-Pantheon Arcana, Jim Edward Lucier, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. 


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