NOTE: In real life friend Tom T's dad was a real life high ranking Freemason. Upon sharing the dream with my friend he said the description of his father was correct. I had never seen or meet his father. /// ......First dream I had last night I was driving a plow with two front wheels. I plowed into a wall and made two large dents. I was with my friend Tom T. He said his dad would angry. His dad came around the corner and I told him it was an accident and that I would pay for the damages. He was very friendly. He was like a Latin, or Greek farmer, very kind, welcoming, and understanding. We walked into his private study. We were now inside his mansion. It was under interior construction. His study was fancy, with lots of old books on the shelves. He pulls out a massive 2 foot high, illustrated book of Freemasonry. The book was a dull yellow hard cover with a large Freemason symbol on the front. I took it and looked through the photos. Tom was off helping with construction. Tom's dad began talking about the history of Freemasonry. He spoke about its start in old Jerusalem, and Egypt before that. He started a documentary on these subjects, as he also talked about the history involving the Bloodlines of Christ, the Merovingians who helped formed the Order. I then got up off the couch where we were both sitting, and I walked over to a large room under construction. I took a quick tour of the mansion, and saw several large rooms being built. I then saw Tom take a piss on the floor, and people gave him shit because they can't lay the new layers until the piss dries. LoL. Then I walk to another room where there is a table with people around it. It had a very Gothic look to it all. I mean lots of flowers everywhere. Someone asked me about Princess Diana, and I said she was a Merovingian. A woman appears to my left and says I am right, and I walk with her a little ways. I say to her "You are a Rosicrucian?" She says yes and asks if I want to join. I say yes. She takes a Large white ribbon with her name on it, the size of a sheet of paper from her chest, and pins it on my chest. She then tells me to contact her. ////// In the next dream I am on a bus. A woman introduces me to a large paperback book about a Channlers messages. The woman who gave me the book was Arianna Sherann, a real person I know. I start reading the book which appears to have some heavy messages about Alchemy. I look at the front inner cover and see two photos of the author of the book. [ Upon awakening in reflection I now think it was the woman who Channels Abraham Hicks. The woman in the photos had curly reddish hair, she was about 50 years old. People, including Arianna seem to be watching me as I read the book. I am then eating beef stew while the bus is still moving, reading. 


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