Yesterday I wrote three different posts on my Facebook timeline about visions I had of space twisting helix's of cosmos wide solar systems. I saw images of solar systems all twisting, and spiraling in a vortex like pattern. It was all like the now familiar animation of viewing the our own solar system. The famous new animation model shows the sun traveling across space, with the planets spiraling around the sun in a vortex pattern. The image looks like the threading of DNA, double helix's, or braiding of fabrics. The mathematical animated model is familiarly known as the The HELIOCENTRICAL VORTEX, or Spiraling Solar System...The videos can be found on YouTube and Google....Two days ago I was listening to old Kraftwerk live concert songs from 1981. I began seeing the visions of the twisting solar systems. I began receiving what I can only describe as images with messages of knowing. I began to think of the numerous planets we have found in the universe, and how many solar systems. I came to realize that all these many, many solar systems are spiraling in a Heliocentrical Vortex as well. That all these solar systems, are all moving around their sun, planets following their sun making double helix, braiding patterns. I started thinking about the Mayan calendar wheels, and the shafts of the Great Pyramid pointing to certain stars. I thought of the earth spinning. I imagined shafts of thread reaching out to these stars of the Great Pyramid, and I saw the earth being threaded as if it were a giant spool of string. I saw the earth as a giant spool of string and realized that it represented DNA.  I quickly began realizing that our DNA, all DNA RNA was made from a collective collaboration of millions, perhaps billions and trillions of solar systems through the universe. Billions of solar systems twisting space into near infinitely long, spiral ,helix braids. I saw this as a cosmic perpetual motion machine. Space itself was twisted and warped, not just once but twice. These were spatial concepts I had been Channeling for over 35 years now.  I realized that the whole universe is filled with DNA/RNA. All planets,moons, comets, asteroids, meteorites, were capable of carrying DNA strains. That super twisted space time itself created the cosmic DNA pool, and that this DNA pool was spread out through the universe, permeating the cosmos. Thirty five years ago I began my extensive Channeling of a concept called THE COSMIC GAIA. That the universe was a giant organism just like the Gaia Theory. And that this Cosmic Gaia spun in a giant vortex made of two curvatures of space/time. As I listened to my Kraftwerk songs I thought of all the world's ancient  astro-archaeological stone sites, and all their alignments to the stars. I imagined threads, and strings emanating from these sites to their star destinations. And as the earth spun, it was being spooled by endless threads and strings of wool. DNA was forming throughout those primordial swamps. In essence, we may owe our DNA driven existence to the billions of DNA spiraling planetary solar systems in the universe. 

Dreams of a Blond, Important Books, UFO Abductions, and The Broadway Bridge Wizard.

Here are several bites and pieces of dreams I've had over the past weeks. I am certain that what I remember of these dreams add up to the climax of the dream of being a wizard who lives on a bridge.I have tried to keep all the dreams in the order that I dreamt them over the past few weeks........In several dreams I keep dreaming of a young, blond haired woman. She is almost like a teenager. She is cute, curly, long blond hair, Caucasian, usually wearing a black sweater with white letters saying something. There is some kind of tension between us. Like should we be lovers, or just friends. She shows me her boyfriends. Or they appear near during the dreams. As if she is trying to tease me, or make hints to me. I usually meet her in houses I've never been in before, or at drinking parties............Dreamt of my dad a few times In these dreams I am usually at his house, a house I've never been in before. He is smoking, and leaning back on a  favorite recliner that he loved in real life. We talk but I can't remember about what..I usually end up dumping out his ash trays...........In one dream I see a three level house. It is yellow. It appears to have a large yard all around it.  A house in the city.  I've dreamt of my Brother living in this house many times with his ex girlfriend Carol. In this dream I ask my brother to get me some books. The house becomes a large, used book store inside. We walk inside the book store, and I head straight for the occult section. My brothers agrees to steal all the books I want. I go looking through books on astrology.........In another dream all I remember is the Stargate SG1 leader [....]     His face replaces the face of my mom'sex boyfriend Abe. So now he is like my step dad. He tells me about his service in war and tells me about a special book that helped him through it. I then see the book on top of a flat table full of books. Its like I am in his library now. I see a large, massive,old, thick book in front of me. I start looking through all the amazing photos inside. They appear to be codes, mixed in with backdrops of outer space..This book will appear again in the next dream I write here............In another dream my good friend Wes, also my brother's best friend wants to show me an important book. He appears to be angry at me,or frustrated with me. In the dream he has been attending University. He feels that this book will help me. We enter a large, dome like rotunda. Very old, large books on tall book shelves. Books piled up to the waist all around us. Wes takes me to a old table in the middle of the room,. He shows me a large, massive thick book. It looks very ancient. It is about two feet long, and a foot thick. The book is filled with brilliant, 3D like photos of whales, dolphins, and other undersea creatures. I am impressed but not excited enough to impress Wes............In another dream I watch my brother build a large basement store. He stocks all these shelves with numerous DVD sets, and massive fantasy books that he did steal in real life. He shows me a multi-level glass shelf full of Chinese ornaments that he also stold. My deceased brother was very proud of his massive collection............ In another dream me, Dave my brother, Wes, and D. Daniels were all outside  watching the stars. We were standing on a high plateau like balcony, at least three stories high. The sky suddenly becomes full of UFO'S, or bright dancing lights. We are all amazed.  D. Daniels is the first person to be sucked by a beam of white light. He is later beamed back and tells us of horrible experiments on him. Then Wes is taken, same thing, he comers back and speaks of horrible experiments.  Then my brother is taken, he returns saying the sane thing. They all start running away, telling me to run. But I tell I am not afraid of them, that I enjoy being abducted, and I find them to be friendly.............Finally, last night I dreamt I was approaching the Broadway Bridge in downtown Saskatoon, approaching from downtown. I saw an old lady who was very mean. I warned her against being so mean, and unfriendly. At this point, somehow I take on the persona of a wizard. I start walking up the bridge, and the bridge transforms into another world. Everything transpires on the bridge and I can feel that the bridge is only a step away in another dimension from me. It was still somehow the foundation of the house I was now in. So now I was in a large, long house of a wizard. I saw witchcraft like items everywhere.  In the dream I kept phasing in and out of the wizard. I would be the wizard, then later I would be watching him from the outside. The wizard looked like the classical fantasy persona. I only remember certain parts of the dream. The wizard lives on the bridge in another dimension. That was a major feeling of the dream. People would walk along the bridge and right through the house not knowing me,or the house, or wizard were there. Sometimes a person would know, and one Chinese man did stop and ask me for medicine for a headache. I went to my kitchen, opened up a cabinet and gave the man a pack of pills. Then I was watching the wizard create art pictures with some kind of clay, and metal fillings, or a paste of metallic substances, some silver, some bronze. Then I was the wizard drawing out the paintings on large painting canvas. The canvas was five or six feet, by five or six feet. Or I would be watching the wizard make these paintings. The paintings would suddenly be bound in a two foot wide frames that were inspected by some man sitting close to the wizard. 

Extensive Dream of Walking Up Stacks of Ouija Boards, and Divination Oracles.

The dream is lenghty because I wrote it all down right when I woke up. This intense , lengthy, vivid dream is about walking up warehouse like stacked piles of Ouija Boards, and Divination Oracles of every kind. Which is very odd since I do not favour the use of Ouija Boards. After having this dream I will need to go to a store that sells them, and make my amends. Ha. I was going to record this dream early this afternoon but Facebook and other Social Media platforms were all down for most of the day. In retrospect of the dream I think I may have made direct communication with hundreds of Ouija Boards, and Oracles of various kinds. Work up today at about noon. I felt really groggy for hours later, as if I had been in a deep trance.  It seemed to take forever to wake up out of the fog. My body was screaming for me to go back to bed.  Haven't had that intense of a feeling in quit a while. I think it speaks to the intensity and depth of the dream I had. So I went to the Thien Vietnamese restaurant and wrote the dream on paper so I wouldn't forget it.  The dream starts off with me working at the Coop Grocery Store on 8th Street, a real place were I once worked.  I was packing large quantities of food and groceries. I had to work alone and it was getting very busy. I then had to go outside and gather carts and bring them back into the building. Somehow I got into a car, and went for a car ride.The car was a cab. At some point I asked the driver if I had to pay for the ride. It was night, we were on the outskirts of the city. When the driver realized I couldn't pay I had to get out and walk home. At some point I realize that I am completely naked.  It is daytime now. I run around the streets and back allies nude, trying to hide from being seen. I find a cardboard box and place it over myself. I look to see the downtown skyscrapers far off in the distance.  I see a path leading through a thick forest of trees that leads to the city center. I run down the path naked, covering myself with the box. I must have been running fast because suddenly I was inside a building. It was a large store filled with light. Everything is white, like department store. But it was like a hoarder's  paradise. There was several clear paths to walk on, but I was surrounded by stockpiles, like mountains of stuff. White tile floors. I saw stock piles of sex products for sale. That's what I was told they were, but I don't recall identifying anything in particular. People are telling me things about the products, some vices were female,some were male as I began climbing on top of the piles. I kept climbing higher and higher. Quickly the small hills of stuff became Ouija Boards.  I heard voices talking to me,instructing me with each new Board that I seemed to step into.  I felt like I was stepping into them, as I now felt I was in the old books store chain of stores called Tramps. Tramps was the first used books stores to sell occult books in Saskatoon where I live. I could feel the presence of the original owners of Tramps. It was a nostalgic like feeling. As I walked upward each Board gave me instructions to ignore a certain unique aspect about its design. I would ignore the warning and look to see the various different designs. Some had three dimensional wood carved , horned gods. Also images on the boards of goddesses  with long, dark hair, dressed in black dresses. Then the Boards became more complex. They were now oblong boxes. They were still talking to me,one after another, as I looked into what I was stepping on,or into. I saw the Boards with thin, little, clear bottles carved into them. I saw the bottles were filled with herbs, and liquids. I saw Ouija Boards turned into magic kits, having what are called Sigils, and magic Seal medallions.  Voices from the boards were telling what was inside their kits. After what felt like hundreds of Ouija Board boxes, after what seemed like forever, I reached a plateau or ceiling. I now found myself standing in a darkly lite house. It was night. I was fully clothed now. I instinctively felt like I was in the house where all the owners and managers of the Tramps stores lived.  They were all sleeping. I heard someone snoring. It was coming from the bathroom. I opened the door and looked inside. A man was sleeping in the tub. Pit Bull looking dogs were awake, sitting up in attention. One saw me but they made no noise, and remained where they were.  I see several doors that I don't open in the hallways. One door, which I feel is the cellar door, I open it. I see a black emptiness, not even any stairs. I sit down on the edge of the doorway and dangle my feet into the empty void. Some voice tells me there are stairs but I have to imagine them. That doesn't seem to work . I get up and walk into another room with an open door. I instinctive feel it is filled with Rosicrucian paraphernalia. I see a small blue candle on the shelf of a wall. Next to it is small vile of water. I took the candle, lit the candle and took the holy water. I went back to the dark basement door. I sprinkled the water on myself, and then sprinkled the darkness of the basement. Then I placed the candle in the darkness and it slowly floated on invisible waves, descending downward a few feet until a basement floor was seen. It was a dirt floor. I saw numerous,moving,living and conscious clusters of vines moving around.  I feel like I have to leave. So to protect my find I willingly set it all on fire with my mind, I hear and see explosions as I close the door. I feel I did this to prevent anyone from following me, or finding this place. I close the door and wake up. 

The Sword Verse: V.5 of 9th Sura...A Message of Hope from Archangel Gabriel.

""The Holy Stone fell from Heaven as a sacrifice to you. It is a Tear of God. It holds the Word of God. It is there in Mecca, called Kaaba,it is to guide you back home. Who are 'We', the plural of the testaments of the Prophet Muhammad, Blessed Peace Be upon Him. ? We are the Ones who lifted the Prophet into Heaven. From the Holy Rock of the Dome, He was lifted upon Our wings.  Just as you shall be lifted into Heaven by the Word of the Stone that is called Kaaba. WE are the Elohim. We are those who praise God. EL, who praise O'Him. What great turmoils you have brought upon yourselves. What books in your name have you added to the Word of God. These additions you yourselves created out of your own ego have brought upon you curses. Turmoil after turmoil veils across your nations like the plagues of Egypt.  Who has placed words in the month of God? And having placed your words in front of God, you had hopped for peace? Tell Us, do you have peace in your nations? No? Then let Us share a vision brought to this man. He read the sura v.5. of the 9th sura and saw the deeper message. Behold, and take wisdom, the Jihad is with yourselves. The holy Prophet Muhammad dictated the words "Then, when the sacred months have passed, slay the idolaters whenever ye find them, and take them [ captive ] and besiege them, and prepare for them each ambush. But if they repeat and established worship and pay the poor-due, then leave their way free. Lo. ah is Forgiving, Merciful."...To whom do you think we were taking too? Did you not read further and see where We revealed to whom We were speaking too? Or did your ego place in your hearts words before God?  We tell you that hatred, envy, spit, jealousy, fear, these sins against God shall separate you from Heaven. Heaven will not except thorns of the Heart. Read further, and here We will show you now as to whom We were speaking to, when We spoke these words to the holy Prophet Muhammad, Blessed Peace Be Upon Him. Read carefully....'How should the idolaters have covenant with God and His Messenger? excepting those with whom you made covenant at the Holy Mosque."  It is to you, the Faithful to Allah, the Faithful to the Prophet Muhammad, Blessed Peace Be Upon Him, to whom We speak. The Jihad is within you. The holy war, the idolaters are the passions of sin that dwell within yourselves. It is yourself that you must master before God, and the Word of God that is the Tear Kaaba. It is the infidels who invade your Heart, your mind, and body, they are the enemy We have always spoken of. For think deeply with Us, how can hatred, and fear recede in Heaven? Allah does not want your hatred, nor your fear, nor your sins of passion. Finally, lay siege to your own passions of sin, and cast out those demons. That is your war, that is your Jihad."" 

Channeled Message from Inanna: The Seven Cleansing's of Seven Earthquakes.

This Channeling will be used in the Vesta Flame Energy Initiations. "" Now I carry with me the first mysteries of the Virgin Mother. I carry these in body of the Elusinian Mysteries. I will pass through the seven gates of the inner earth, with seven rays, like seven stars shining, uncovering, unveiling all.  Now I  am naked, at the first gate, stripped to bare my truth. I pass. I am bathed in Rosemary oils. . I am cleansed in the earth, and the earth quakes with longing to cleanse.The first ray reverberates throughout the earth.  Now I enter the second gate. I am stripped, bare to the truth of my body. I am bathed in Clove oils. The earth quakes with longing to be cleansed. The second ray reverberates throughout the interior of the earth. Now I descend further into the earth. Now I come to the third gate, and I am naked, stripped to my truth. And I am cleansed in oils of frankincense. The earth moans, longing to be cleansed. And an earthquake follows the third ray of sight, seining all things. Now I descend further into the earth and I come to the fourth gate. I am naked. I am bathed in peppermint oils. I am so so clean. The earth longing for cleansing, quakes the mantles. The interior of the earth is bathed in the fourth ray of the fourth star. I descend to the fifth gate, and there I am naked. I am bathed in canola oils, and I hear the golden wheat fields of summer, they cry out for cleansing.   The earth longing for cleansing cries out in earth shaking. The fifth ray shines, and sees all.  Now I descend to the sixth gate . I am naked for the sixth time, having shed six skins,like six serpents of the Underworld.  I am bathed in Myrrh oils. The sixth ray shines throughout the interior of the world.  The earthquakes in longing to be cleansed. Now I come to the last gate, the seventh veiled. And I am naked, bathed in gold charcoal. All  my skins in ashes.  The earth cries out with sensations to be cleansed, and the earth shakes.  The seventh ray that is Hidden sees all within the interior of the Underworlds.  Now I see my daughters, my sisters, my reflections. I see Ishtar, Isis, Astarte, Aphrodite, Venus.  The sixth Goddess was a violet flame. It passed into the six Goddesses, and they came to wash me in a waterfall of virgin pure sea water. When I was cleansed, I was clothed with garments of the colours of the earth. I flew to heaven,with all powers intact. As I flew through the earth, the earth was bond to Heaven in tight threaded spirals, like giant screws. "" 

Animals Don't Have Souls. The Differences Between Soul, Reincarnation, and Totum's.

As with all my writings this Blog is in own personal opinions. I do not claim to know anything. I do write my opinions based on my life's experiences. To say  that animals have no soul is a contradistinction.  Because it is in my belief that all animals, collectively,  as one, is the collective soul of the Gaia Earth Entity.  In my opinion animals, such as our pets do not have souls.  They are Spirit Guides. They are Totum Spirits, and as such love us unconditionally. They will often follow us through our life times. We choose our Totum's prior to being born. Yes, there is a dog heaven. But it is the same as any animal spirit dwelling in the Spirit Realm.  All things have a Spirit. Rocks, trees, plants, cats, dogs, birds. But the soul is something very different. The soul is the I AM THAT I AM. All that we see, feel, hear, taste, sense, and experience is in a collective understanding an aspect of your soul. The soul being the vibration or frequency of all frequencies in the universe. The same could be said of our pets in a quantum theory mind set. Animals are limted to their physical DNA. Human are not. Animals can reason with conscious understanding of consequencies to a very limited degree. We as human beings, have no real limit in our consciousness to making choices. We make choices with very expanded awarenessof near infinite complexiities of consequences. Animals are limited to their animal instinct. Because they are Spirit or Spirits directly animated by the Love of the Earth Goddess, God, Gods, they knew unconditional exceptence of their master. Domesticated animals do not function on a universal representation. We as humans are designed to host the Divine Spark. Animals are not. We stand upright wand have the five geometric pentagram, as drawn by Da Vinci. We have the power to know a tool, can also be a symbol. A symbol with infinite meanings. This is because we have the consciousness of the infinity of the Divine within us. Animals have no such concept. We have the powers of invention, imagination, magical intent. Animals do not. Animals have a very limited arena of will. We have unlimited will, and desire to choose between the concepts of Good and Evil. All animals are limited by their genetic make up. The greater their genetic complexity, the greater their intelligence. In my opinion elephants and dolphins are amongst the closest to animals having a soul. But the animal is limited in expressing the Creator's Will in us. Or shall I say we as humans are not limited to express Will. Therefore we are the host of the soul. Our bodies, and minds, and spirit of body and mind ( Chakras, Aura's, Kundalini ) are exclusively designed to host all that is of infinite expression. Animals are not. As with reincarnation, I understand in the same light as the Hindu, except that the soul enters the living creature with extreme limitation. And it would be as a choice. A soul may experince the life of any living creature only by a very limited portion of its quintessence. To clearify, if a person wanted to experince the life of a dog, a very minute portion of the souls consciousness, or soul quintessence; (Soul consciousness without the frequency of the universal.  Or sense of being somewhere without actually being there.). Again it is all about the law of physical restrictions. A gentic creature is limited to the Divine Totality here called a soul, by its genetic capacity to express the unlimited reality of unlimited will.  Powerful Spirits from alternate dimensions can shape shift into animals. And in this manner a persons pet maybe called a Familier. To remain open minded we could say that the human race is not the only Beings of physical apparatus to have a soul. That their are other supernaturanl creatures of sentient spirit, or soul far and well beyond us. In this case,it is possible, in limited numbers, for an entity of extraterrestrial origin to take on the physical structure of a person's pet. All animals, specially our domesticated pets have feelings and emotions. But they are limited to thier limited genetic design. We as humans beings with souls,not just spirit are gentically made to express infinite emotions and feelings, knowing the difference, and even combining the two. In ending, it is in my opinion that animals, our beloved pets will be there for us when we passover. As our Spirit Guide Totum's they will be there to guide us, comfort us in the after life, and the life after that. 

Reoccurring Dreams: Another Childhood Neighborhood Porthole.

Not sure if I have already spoken of this in other logs, but I used to dream a lot of my old neighborhood where I grew up. All of Riversdale is under a super restructuring. Hundreds of high rise apartment complex's are being constructed. The whole neighborhood I grew up in is gone.  All the high rise building are hollowed skeletons with large cranes everywhere. Numerous levels of underground cement parking lots are being built. The parking lots are jammed pack with wires, re-barb. I sometimes travel through the neighborhood with great caution. The dreams change for partially completed, new neighborhoods with lots of walk ways, walk way bridges crossing artificial lakes. Sometimes the whole neighborhood is completed, and then suddenly I feel I am far away in the North East corner of the city, opposite of Riversdale. I look up to see giant, round, ball shaped observatory sized domes high in the sky. I can feel the radio waves going right through me, so I try to get away from the structures as soon as possible......./////..... Today I dreamt I made my way up 11th street in Riversdale Saskatoon. I often go up starting from the east end of the street that faces the river, upward Westward. In many dreams of this neighborhood where I used to live I keep ending up at the old pharmacy and grocery store on the corner of 11th and Ave L. South. It is usually at night. I am getting snacks with other people. I talk to the owners who know me well. They are usually black people. They are a late night open candy store, and I am usually there to buy junk food. I eat the junk food,  pop, and carry on with my adventures in the area.  The dreams shift into all kinds of things from there.  But this location appears to be a common pit stop in my dreams. I don't know what this store is now but it was directly across the street from another, smaller, older building, a Chinese run grocery store. In this particular dream today I enter the store, look around in what looks like a large warehouse to see all kinds of foods in bulk, still unloaded, in big boxes. I am unhappy because the sales I came for were over. I go to make my way out. It is day now, where before it was night. I see a guy I've seen in dreams before. He is thin, taller then me, sunk in face, usually wears a hat. We often take minds trips together, not sure what else to call them. We stand at grocery store  sliding doors, that don't exist in reality at that location. We get on our knees. Often my cousin Dean Collins is with me. We see small, square holes at the bottom of the doors. They are apart of them. The holes are about 4 inches by 3 inches. They are clean cut. The following sequence happens often to me.....We put our heads down,  press our heads against the holes. Someone either tells us, or me the following procedures. Sometimes I already know what's going to happen. But this time the mysterious friend explained it to me. I am told that my mind first, then my body is squeezed through the hole. While this happens powerful blanketing laser lights scan and record my mind and body onto compact disks. Or that is what it feels like as I am squeezing my head through the tight space. I then appear in a different place, in a different dream. I usually smell a very strong smell of steel, magnetic fields, and iron in the blood. I feel somewhat concerned as if my Soul, mind, consciousness is being pulled out of me. 


On the 31st of May I woke up from a vivid dream. I wrote the dream down. But only now have felt I have the patience , and the time to record it.  In the dream I awake in bed. It's not my own. I am covered in sheets, and I see a large window with lite, soft white drapes. I hear cheering crowds outside. People singing national anthems. I got up, and got dressed. As I was looking out the window my mom knocked and came into the room, standing at the door. She asked what all the commotion was about. She wondered if it was some kind of fire drill. I said no and explained it was some kind of day of world wide celebrations. I looked out the patio, bedroom window and saw that we were in an apartment complex at the very edge of town, overlooking farmers fields. I saw a group of young men, five or six rows of ten, dressed in white, church garbs, like a choir. They were militant, yelling back what their sergeant told them to repeat. I saw some red on their garments and I thought of the Knights Templar. I walked down a lengthy hallway to the living room. Without noticing anything I looked out the front main patio window. I saw hundreds of people celebrating a large festival, a carnival. I watched some fireworks. My mom was sitting on the floor next to the T.V., by the couch. Some lady was sitting on the couch but I didn't quit see who it was. Kids were also sitting in front of the T.V., and on the T.V. was something that looked like a coronation of a great king. I saw Greek, or Roman styled terraces, it was summer. It looked like Greece or Rome. Priestly people everywhere.  I thought in my mind, "it looks like Barcelona". On the screen was a Knights Templar flag. Then I looked to see a large hardcover book in the lap of one of the children.  The book was all white with a Knights Templar , red cross. I sat down on the couch, and looked to my right. It was my Aunt Janice. My Aunt is my mother's, brother's wife. She explained it was a global celebration of the Stewarts who won against some other family name I can't remember. BuT I know I heard the name "Stewarts" for certain.   

DREAM DIARY..Being Hunted / B+E with Bro. / Danielle's new boyfriend./ In the psycheward again.

Dreamt of seeing something like a Nickelback concert, and meeting an evil man who wanted to kill me.I was watching a concert, it was night. I was standing in acrowd of people watching large screens of the concert. When all of a sudden a tall man with blond curly hair deliberately stood in my way. I moved aside, and he again stood in my way. He looked back and smiled at me. Later I was trying hard to escape the crowds of people who would be marching toward the exit doors. I could feel the rush of people, and I managed to escape through a side door. I was walking home at night, when cars I felt were people who were after me were searching the streets for me. I tried to hide, but they quickly cornered me. Before I knew it was in someone's house. I had been kidnapped. There were about four guys in leather jackets, biker type people. One of them had simpathy for me as I spoke to him saying, "You don't have to listen to him. You don't have to do this."  The tall man with blond, curly hair was their leader. He was busy pouring bags of spices on me. He was wanting to cook me, but chop me up into pieces first. I grabbed a handfull of the spice and through it in his eyes. He was blinded. One f the evil man's partners helped me escape by guiding me through the back door. He told me to keep running straight. I was now running through a huge backyard of many trees, and brush. But the evil blond haired man caught up to me. I can't remember how I esacped from him again but I remember jumping into a strong current of a river.He never found me again... .....Dreamt last night of planning a major break and enter with my brother..Me, and his friends were planning on breaking into some house on a hill. Dave was moving acros the border, so he had to sell a lot of his stuff.So we were at a pawn shop. My brother sold all his records to a guy, owner of the shop he knew well. Then it jumps around. I am placing all my best writings into a box. I give Dave the box to place into the car we had rented with his friends. Somehow later on when we were on the other side of the border, Dave told me he forgot my box. I got mad at him. Then he found the box, and I had my writings. There was still a lot of talk about robbing a famous house on a famous hill, isolated on a famous, sacred land. I've had this part of the dream before resently. In the dream my brother and others are planning a major huist of a large, old famous house on a famous , ancient hill. The house is like a giant lighthouse. It has many upper floors. It is isolated ina region far from the city outer limits.  ............ Dreamt of an Elementary school mate Danielle C. She was trying to have a supper date with  a man. We were all in the same room. She was ignoring me. The man she was courting was aware of my presence as well. I sat behind them and listened to them talk. This was all about a new relationship starting between them, a budding new love. Then I saw someone place a red silk table cloth on the long table they were sitting at............Dreamt of being in a psyche ward. I dreamt I had gone insane. I wasn't able to communicate with people properly. In this dream I was talking with several nurses. New nurses, and older ones. One nurse brought me to a kitchen and tryied to show me some trick with a garbage bag. But I don't remember what that was. The dream was all about nurses asking me questions, and I could not understand them. I could not answer them properly. I kept going off topic completely. It was summer, I was sitting outside on a chair, watching all the crazy people running around, playing like children. I was hopping no one beyond the wire fence could see me. I've had several dreams of being in a psyche ward before. Maybe I am dreaming of my fate? How I wll die. Maybe I will die in a psyche ward, having contracted Dimentia, or {{{{  Al
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